A low-population, non-industrial, high-technology Imperial world in the Lunion subsector of the Spinward Marches. Tenalphi has a tropical climate and a standard oxygen-nitrogen atmosphere, tainted by high carbon-dioxide levels.

The planet itself, noted for it’s brilliantly red foliage and colorful animals, is mostly private property, largely belonging either to the Marquis Tenalphi, or the imperial megacorporation SuSAG which has an intense interest in a variety of naturally occurring anagathic compounds in Tenalphi flora and fauna.

Tenalphi High, the TL 14+ spacestation orbiting the planet is, however, a center of trade, diplomacy, and other less savory exchanges. It is sometimes referred to as the “Showpiece of the Marches,” and is known as a haven for disaffected Imperial nobility.

Such disaffected nobles sometimes join the Order of Tenalphi.

Among non-nobles, Tenalphi High is best known for its casinos, restaurants, and hotels. Other varieties of entertainment are, of course, also available.

His Imperial LordshipAlistair Hault Roguhu, is currently both the First Imperial High Marquis and the Fifth Imperial High Baron of Tenalphi.


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