Order of Tenalphi

Essentially an anagathics cult centered on the planet Tenalphi, where a number of anagathic compounds occur naturally. Tenalphi is on the Spinward Main in the Lunion Subsector of the Spinward Marches.

The Order of Tenalphi is a noble club which is only open to those personally invited by current members, and in practice is limited to those who can afford the expensive anagathic dishes which Order members ritually consume as part of their celebrations.

The Order has grown to become a sort of “nativist” movement. Order members tend to consider themselves representatives of the native / indigenous culture of Tenalphi. This identification is often specifically contrasted with the “Official” nobility, who are traditionally only selected from non-anagathics users. In fact, the Duchess Delphine of Mora has a standing policy to refuse the confirmation to imperial offices of known anagathics users. Edax Roguhu, eldest son of the previous Baron Tenalphi was disallowed from succeding to his father’s office due to his open participation in Order rituals, appointing his brother Alistair to the office instead.

Despite this, Emperor Strephon later appointed Edex Roguhu as Baron of Zaibon, a mere one parsec away from his native Tenalphi. Roguhu is now the “Patron” of the Order in the Zaibon System.

A branch of the Order of Tenalphi, led by Alvin Pots Voglesong is known as “The Temple of Time” and is headquartered in a former Roguhu family estate on the surface of Tenalphi (donated to them by the current Marquis).

Order of Tenalphi

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