Matron Gadgetron

Former 600 ton yacht, modified by Orkin to be a heavily armed Q-ship (an armed vessel that looks harmless and vulnerable).

The Gadgetron served for a while as the Flagship of Orkin’s Rogue Expeditionary Force One, before the Dolorous Hauberk (now known as the CNS Odin) replaced it in that role.

Since that time the ship has largely been commanded first, briefly, by Commander Anastasia Reiter then by Ohla Gadgetron’ka,. Ohla served her Commodore sufficiently well in this capacity to be appointed Glisten System Commander for the Rogues during the Subjugation of Trane.

For this operation the Matron is being commanded by Lt-Cmder Fermi Redshirt, the former Commanding Officer of the CNS Frey Bug and a new (largely recruit) crew.

Matron Gadgetron

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