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Ships of the Special Research Division:

The Effrit II – destroyed, along with Major Ix Artin, in 1109 by a time-travelling Lord Fermi
CNS Matron GadgetronOrkin’s private ship. Lost with Sir Ohla Gadgetron’ka in the Anundarluu Gas Cloud.
Rogue Gazelle One – on loan to DOOer Emeria Sovant
Vud’s Stealth Ship – Lost with Agent-Captain Aelis Min Honin
CNS Odin – A 75,000 ton Escort Tender commanded by Cpt. Smith.
CNS Frey Bug – A modular freighter converted to an armed frigate. Commanded by Captain Sir Guezk’h, CUG
CNS Argent AssuranceMISSING – 2000tn colonial cruiser jointly commanded by Cyborgia and Dr. Hauberk
CNS Perfected Blade 1000tn Inquisitorial Cruiser commanded by Lord VUD Masterson
CNS Judgement – The last flagship of the unified Rogues. A rift capable Fleet Tender. (Tonnage?) Once commanded by Prince Orkin. Now commanded by: Yasmine.
INS Orkid Blade – Captain Sam’s first Command
INS Errant Cavalier – 5,000 tn TL16 Rift Courier, Commanded by: Captain Sir Sam Vibes

Vehicles and Gear:

Roguhu Industries Heavy Battle Platforms

Regular/Important Locals:
Zaibon System – Formerly played out mining system, now ruled by Baron Doctor Edax hault Roguhu, CEG
Tenalphi – Homesystem of Dr Roguhu, ruled by his brother, the Marquis Alistair hault Roguhu
Doctors Rock – Home and offices of Baron Doctor Edax hault Roguhu, CEG and Roguhu Industries
Roguhu Hold – Technical “Home Base” for Roguhu’s Rogues, ruled by DOOer Emeria Sovant
Drifters Commune – Secred Deep Space Collection of derelict ships and people.
Debarre – Hunting Preserve Planet, Client State of the Imperium, ruled by Baroness Sillia Harrison
Mire – Capital of the Alphatian Empire of the Darrians
Mora – Unofficial Capital of the Marches. Seat of Duchess Delphine hault Adorania Muudashir
Glisten – Former seat of Duchess Avaraja hault Astaarte Muktheswara. Now in chaos, but run by Count Villesoth hault Ireem Astaarte
Trane Planet in the Glisten Subsector. Fermi is married to the Imperial Legate there.
Usdiki – Capital of the Fourth Imperium of Man, ruled by Lord Regent VUD Masterson, on behalf of the newly-decanted god-emperor Avery.
Munnarn – High-Tech planet lost to invasion of dimensional giant spiders. Lord Vog maintains Fog Port in orbit above the planet.

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