Fifth Frontier War

Fifth Frontier War (1107 to 1110)

Most Recent in the series of Frontier Wars between the Zhodani and the Imperium. Following several years of unrest and provocation, Zhodani forces attacked across the Imperial borders while previously placed guerrillas on selected Imperial worlds began uprisings. Vargr and Sword World forces allied with the Zhodani also participated in the attacks.

The Imperium has so far suffered great losses in the Jewel (vs. Zhodani), Regina (vs. Zhodani and Vargr), Villis (Sowrdworlders), and Lanth (Swordworlders) subsectors.
Within the Swordworlds subsector, however, the Imperial Pax Rulin Fleet has managed to bombard Sacnoth and it’s allies into an unconditional surrender, drastically weakening the Swordworlds Confederation. The Darrian Confederation has taken this opportunity to retake the contested Entropic worlds, and have pushed past them to actually invade the Gram region of the Swordworld home planets.

Two break away Vargr states negotiated separate treaties with the Imperium to end hostilites: The Lords of Algine and Rethe and the County of Enope, both based out of conquered, formerly Imperial, systems.

In late 1109 an armistice was signed between the Zhodani Consulate and the Third Imperium of Man, signaling a temporary halt to hostilities on the main front (mainly in the Regina and Jewll subsectors).

The Treaty of Rhylanor, signed in early 1110, officially ended the war between the Imperium and the Zhodani. The Treaty also included non-hostility agreements from a number of newly formed states: the Gram Dominate, and the Narsil Accord (both former parts of the now defunct Sword Worlds Confederation); The Federation of Arden, the Lords of Algine and Rethe (Vargr), and the County of Enope (Vargr).

Hostilities with the Vargr 40th Squadron and it’s Corsair allies are ongoing (as of end of 1111), but this conflict is now generally referred to as “the Vargr War” rather than being seen as a continuation of the Fifth Frontier War.

Fifth Frontier War

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