Doctors Rock

Zaibon Belt; Zaibon System
Doctors Rock proper is a moderately large asteroid drifting in the Zaibon Belt. In 1106, Dr. Edax Roguhu moved into an old factory complex on the abandoned Rock. Now, almost four years later, The Rock is the center of a community that sits in the political, economic, and social center of the revitalizing Zaibon System.

The “Community” of Doctors Rock consists of a number of “neighborhoods”:
On The Rock proper:

Doctors Rock Port and Startown
The Bar on Doctors Rock

Doctor Roguhu’s Private Estate

Roguhu Industries – Zaibon, Manufacturing and Research
- The Roguhu Institute of Robotics and Cybernetics

Unviersity of Zaibon
Medical School and Hospital
Cybernetic Clinics
Bwap Institute of Business Law
Cresttech Labs
The laboratories of Jump Drones, Inc

Roguhu Mining Corporation Headquarters and Processing Center

Roguhu Construction and Facilities Offices

Doctors Rock Warehousing

Nearby the Rock:

The Doctor’s Gardens

The Doctors Rock Yacht Club
“Strephon’s Arms”
The Ling Towers

Bedrock – Private Residence (Captain Sir Veinte Uno “Vud” Diablo Masterson IV, CDS)

Stone’s Throw – Belter scum and pirate wananbes. A trailer park pinned to rock in space.

The Pebble – The scary people who live in the woods beyond the trailer park…

Zaibon Security, Inc – Doctors Rock Facility

Cluster of Belter Habitat Units – Vargr

Roguhu Shipyards

Kitsune Shipyards

Doctors Rock

Roguhu's Rogues zephyrinus