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Hublersberg Government: (Supposed Planetary Gov.)

Athenian Democracy of Wardn (1st to declare independence from Hublersberg)

Technocratic Protectorate of Siren (2nd to declare independence)

Industrial Commune of Melrose (3rd to declare independence)

Other Settlements:

Town of Industry (Colony of Wardn, not part of the Defense Producers Combine)

SuSAG Facility

Trane Down and the Startown Isles

Trane Highport

Crystal Island (Dame Grax)

Dolphin Settlement

Major Corporations:

SuSAG (Imperial Megacorporation)

Defense Incorporated of Trane (Siren)

Personal Security of Trane (Siren)

Everhart Armory of Trane (Melrose)

The Industry Town and Corporation (Wardn)

Other Socio-Political Entities of Possible Import:

The Uprising for a Democratic Trane (funded by Wardn? (per Hublersberg Gov))

The Defense Producers’ Combine (led by Defense Inc, Personal Security, and Everhart Armory)

The Development Committee (headquartered in Hublersberg)


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