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  • Dulinor Astrin Ilethian

    Archduke Dulinor Astrin Ilethian was born in 1066 on the world of [[Dlan]] (Ilelish 1021). He rose to the highest levels of the nobility in the [[Domain of Ilelish]] with the approval and support of the Emperor. Dulinor was elevated to the position of …

  • Isis Arepo Ilethian

    Lady Isis Arepo Ilethian is the daughter of [[:dulinor-astrin-ilethian | Archduke Dulinor Astrin Ilethian]] of Ilelish and the niece of Sector Admiral [[Hutara Astrin Ilethian]]. As a child, she was a playmate of Grand Princess [[Ciencia Iphegenia …

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