Enigmatic archaeologist


A part Zhodani teleporter and eccentric archaeologist, obsessed with hunting down artifacts of the vanished Ancients.


“Zhodavian,” a highly evasive and almost supernaturally powerful psionic teleporter has crossed (and occasionally shared) paths with the Rogues a few times. Briefly an official member of the Rogues (despite his adamant, and near violent, refusal to commit to their organizational or legal structures), he would simply depart, unannounced, for parts unknown, when his enigmatic agendas led him somewhere other than the Rogues were headed.

Pollo Diablo, who was then captain of the Rogues, was confronted by a lawyer representing “Enri’s” family in the Avalar Consulate, a former client state of the Zhodani Consulate (who broke with the Zhodani by declaring neutrality in the Fifth Frontier War). Pollo assisted him in evading his relatives and their representatives, while Zhodavian helped them find the lost Imperial Patrol Cruiser they were after.

On the Planet Yori, along the way back to Zaibon, he somehow “activated” a complex in the Ancient ruins there. It pulled itself out of the plannet and invisibly floated into planetary orbit, with Zhodavian and a number of others still within. He angrily denounced the Rogues and parted ways with them when he felt they had abused the ancient ruins by filling the hold of the Patrol Cruiser (inhabited by an artificial intelligence named Allie) with titanium “artifact” plates from one of the complex’s “replicators.”

For a period of almost two years, Zhodavian would suddenly, and very irregularly, reappear and rejoin the Rogues. Sometimes he would bring strange and powerful gifts with him, like the miraculous ancient medical device he gifted Xi, or the liquid metal android body he gifted Allie.

Then he simply stopped visiting.

Approximately two years later, in 1110, Vud recieved a message from the Public Order Commission on Regina stating that as the “next of kin” on record, he was to come collect the body and deal with the outstanding affairs of a “Vlen Backett” who had died there.

The attached images were of Zhodavian…

Picking up a body

Serious Trouble on and around Regina


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