Sir Vesta Jones, CDS, MCUF

Lounge singer, courier, and agent


By the time she met the Rogues, Vesta Jones had seen the limelight. Her glory days were past. A career singing in lowlife bars and sketchy lounges. Then one little slip-up while night-lighting as an undercover informant.

She ended up in the Zaibon System because it was an out-of-the-way-place to hide. She ended up signing on with the Rogues only because she happened to be looking for work with the Doctor when the Rogues were there recruiting for an expedition to go find a lost imperial patrol cruiser.
She was part of the second (mostly)human crew to man the Kinunir, and the first to deliberately cooperate with the AI, Allie, that inhabited it.
After serving seven months on a cramped lab-ship learning biology, and nearly eight months on the Kinunir, largely as entertainment for a clone crew that didn’t really appreciate it, Vesta took her share of the proceeds and settled down on Doctors Rock.

Most of her “earnings” from her brief stint with the Rogues were put into extensive cybernetic and cosmetic upgrades. Now she turns heads like she never could have twenty years ago and sings with a voice whose improved capabilities she is only beginning to explore.

Though she wears one form most of the time now (a tall,picturesque mocha colored woman with long jet-black hair and dark auburn eyes) Vesta is capable of altering her image and appearance quite substantially. She can change her height within a range of a full foot, and her apparent mass similarly. She can change her hair, eye, and skin color at will, including manifesting or removing tattoos, scarification and other such decorations (so long as they have been programmed into her library beforehand). Her hair and nails can be grown and lengthened to a great degree. Facial and many physical features can be shifted and morphed to a substantial degree.
She has demonstrated some of these abilities (surely a small fraction of what she upgraded) to audiences on Doctors Rock and received largely rave reviews. However, some audience members feared that such performances anywhere other than the Rock would likely result in legal consequences.

During the Assault on Doctors Rock by the Outworld Coalition Vesta was in the Doctor’s dining room when Zhodani Commando’s teleported in and gunned down the Doctor and another guest. She was one of those who took up arms after being rescued by the Rogues and helped repel the Zhodani and Swordworlder invasion. She was knighted for this.

Vesta frequently serves as the Doctor’s special agent in one capacity or another, and is one of the few (post)humans he is really comfortable being in the physical presence of anymore.
She has also begun attending meetings of the Order of Tenalphi in Zaibon on when she is in system (which is increasingly rare).

Sir Vesta has begun leading covert teams on intelligence gathering missions throughout the Marches.

Knighthood: Companion of the Order of Drifting Stone
Decorations: Meritorius Conduct Under Fire(MCUF) medal, Combat Ribon (Defense of Drs Rock)
Rank: Special Agent for Roguhu Industries / the Baron Zaibon

Sir Vesta Jones, CDS, MCUF

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