Tink Tink

Head of Recruiting for the Rogues


Served under Director Vladamir Aaska, the First Steward and one of the Directors of the Liberated.
Now serves directly under the Commodore himself.


A former slave, taken from his low-tech home on Beck’s World. Tink Tink was liberated by the Rogues along with many others in the outer Roup system shortly after the Battle of Regina. Since that time, he has largely served as a steward, rising through the ranks to become one of the trusted associates of the shadowy Master Elshir. With Elshir’s death during the chaos in Glisten of early 1112, Tink Tink became a prominent member of the crews stewards.
After providing valuable insights during the mission to Aki, Tink Tink was named Commodore Orkin’s personal steward.

In the MIthras System, while taking on prisoners for transfer, Tink Tink was promoted by Commodore Orkin to Head of Recruiting.

Tink Tink

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