The Bladed One

A disembodied entity capable of possessing humans


A disembodied psionic entity that apparently serves an ancient slumbering evil.


Posessed Pollo Diablo, either as a cause or effect of his insanity.

When Orkin killed Pollo, the disembodied form of the Bladed one was seen to escape and flee toward space. Vud managed to telepathically open communication with it…. though very little was learned, other than its name.

The Sisters, a set of strange entities on an outer (supposedly uninhabited) planet of the Harvosette System, informed Orkin, Vud and Xi that The Bladed One is an agent of one of a set of brothers who long ago destroyed whole star systems in their war with one another. The Sisters tasked the Rogues with destroying him… and keeping his master slumbering.

The Bladed One

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