Orkin's pirate lieutenant


Former Rogue pilot and officer. Turned slaver. Now a prisoner on ice on Doctors Rock.


An aquaintance ofOrkin’s, who ended up being the Rogues’ contact on Copperhead Hold.

When the Rogues moved on the Hold, Orkin gave him a position on his Q-ship as first officer.

He has since been down-graded to chief pilot. Replaced by Commander Anastasia Reiter as first officer.

When the Matron Gadgetron, then under the Command of Commander Reiter, misjumped without Orkin aboard, Ted took his chance and challenged Anastasia to a duel. He won (despite her massive reputation!) and took forceful command of the ship as a pirate Captain. The crew submitted to this at first, until Ted began dealing with slavers and took a pair of teenaged female slaves as a gift.

Ola, formerly a slave herself, did not approve of this change and challenged Ted to a knife/claw duel. Ted laughed at this and drew his sword… so Ola shot him.

Captain Okin, though distraught at his long-time friend’s behavior, turned him over to Doctor Roguhu’s justice on the Rock and left.


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