Commander Sir Richardi Holland, KDS, SEH, Purple Heart

Rogues Commander, Gazelle Captain, Huscarl Knight


Knighthood: Companion of the Order of Drifting Stone; posthumously promoted to Full Knight
Decorations: Meritorius Conduct Under Fire (MCUF), Combat Ribon (Defense of Drs Rock)
Posthumously Awarded: Starburst for Extreme Heroism (SEH) and Purple Heart (Battle of Regina, Vargr War)
Combat Ribbons: Defense of Doctors Rock (Fifth Frontier War), (Posthumously Awarded_) Battle of Regina (Vargr War)
Combat Command Ribbon: (_Posthumously Awarded
) Battle of Regina (Vargr War)
Rank: Commander in the Rogues, Captain of Rogue Gazelle One.


Richardi did at least one term in every imperial military service.
Has a bit of a temper… and an issue with authority. The captain’s chair of his own ship is probably the most comfortable place he’s been in a long time.

He earned a knighthood on his way into the Rogues. He hooked up with Xi Nitar in the confusion of the Outworld Coalition assault on Doctors Rock, and ended up being part of the small squad who rescued Doctor Roguhu and went on to break the assault. He joined the Rogues as a commander and captain of one of their ships.

He disappeared, along with Lamda Tree and couple of others, into the belly of the giant spaceship that inexplicably came out of jump in orbit of Regina and destroyed multiple Naval and Scout assets in orbit around the planet.

Sir Richardi’s extensive notes and studies of the astrographic significance of Red Sky Station were collected by Liutenant Karron Lotharian Vestanbule (on behalf of the Nag Sai Order), who has also laid a claim to Richardi’s properties on the Red Sky Station.

Commander Sir Richardi Holland, KDS, SEH, Purple Heart

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