Major Ix Artin

Missing Mad Scientist


Former Chief of the Rogues. Commanding Officer of the Iffrit.


A medical student in the Glisten System, Ix ran afoul of the criminal nobleman Alexander haut Illatiev… and fled to Zaibon… which at the time was an out of the way asteroid belt on the spinward frontier border of the Third Imperium of Man.

Briefly the Commanding Officer of Roguhu’s Rogues. Believed to have been killed in 1107 during an early skirmish of the Fifth Frontier War in the Carse System.

Resurfaced in 1110 and was assigned command of the Iffrit and made Chief of the Special Operations Division by Commodore Sir Doctor Xi Nitar.

Major Artin left the Zaibon system on the Iffrit and disappeared well before Xi Nitar’s suicide.

His whereabouts are currently unknown.

Major Ix Artin

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