Commander James Elmo "Jelmo" Devine

late Commander of Dr. Roguhu's Household Guard


Pirate-turned Marine pirate-hunter, turned pirate, turned bodyguard, turned marine commander. Jelmo had a checkered past.

Expert with blades, capable of (and practiced at) stealth assassinations even before Doctor Roguhu upgraded his talents cybernetically.

Jelmo had blades that extended from his knuckles on one hand, and retractable claws on the other (which could also be launched as a grappling hook). He was capable of becoming almost entirely invisible and could conceal his presence from most sensors. He was an ideal soldier, especially as an infiltration and close combat agent.

He died heroically during the Outworld Coalition assault on Doctors Rock. He was caught in the blast of a pocket nuke detonated in the deeper parts of the Rock. He was in pursuit of the turncoat/double-agent who had been attempting to hide the device.

He was posthumously awarded the following honors:

  • Companion of the Honorable Order of the Emperors Guard (Knighthood)
  • Purple Heart
  • Medal for Conspicuous Gallantry

Commander James Elmo "Jelmo" Devine

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