Countess Ivanna hault Bartoni Gerasimov

Countess and President for Life of Roup


Charismatic young ruler of the water-planet Roup and High Imperial Countess, currently the highest ranking Imperial noble of the Regina Subsector.


Grandfather: Victor hault Gerasimov (deceased)
Father: Ivan Gerasimov (deceased)
Mother: Emelda Bartoni (deceased)

Husband: Lord Terrance Scuttos, Count Consort

Ivanna Gerasimov grew up as the charismatic and camera-friendly granddaughter of Count Victor hault Gerasimov, the old, reclusive, and isolationist Imperial administrator of the central Regina Subsector. Her parents died in a traffic accident when she was fifteen. In 1104, at the age of 24 she inherited the County when her grandfather passed. Four years later, in 1108, she was elected in a landslide victory as the Planetary President of The Council of Roup. In 1109 the Representatives of the Council voted to make the Countess Ivanna President for Life.

The title is not designed to be hereditary, and (in any case) the Countess and Lord Scuttos have yet to produce any offspring.

The Countess makes regular Holo-Vid, Television, and Radio presentations to the public, and makes regular appearances on popular entertainment programs and in advertisements for government approved products.

She remains, as she has been her entire life, the darling of her adoring subjects/audience.

Countess Ivanna hault Bartoni Gerasimov

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