Duchess Delphine hault Adorania Muudashir

Duchess and Matriarch of Mora, unofficial Sector Duke


Delphine Adorania Muudashir.

15th Duchess of Mora by the second creation, sector duchess of the Spinward Marches, Matriarch of Mora, K.S.C.

Heir: (Niece) Countess Aliisha hault Flaviano Muudashir

As the ruler of the most prosperous duchy as well as one of the most prosperous worlds in the Marches, and chief of the sector administration, Delphine wields a great deal of power. Her influence permeates subsector politics and is felt throughout the sector.

She is well known for her conservative, traditionalist, and Humanitarian views toward her Imperial mandate. This has most recently manifested in her legal denigration of anagathics users, clones and her denouncement of excessive and unnecessary modifications of “natural” sophonts (especially humans). The Emperor has yet to interfere with her declaration that clones cannot legally inherit Imperial titles or privileges within the Marches; a declartion which has caused stirs even among some conservative Humanists. Her public denouncement of a fellow High Noble (Lord-Doctor Edax hault Roguhu, Baron Zaibon) for his pursuits in robotics and cybernetics (as well as his “unnatural youth”), while more in line with Humanist thought, has rankled powerful nobility, such as their Graces: Duke Luis of Lunion, Duke Enrique of Caladbolg, and several of the Admirals of the Five Sisters.

Some critics have pointed out that the length of her reign (now a few years more than a century) raises questions about her own “humaniti”.


. Born 021-979 on Mora/Mora, eldest issue of Duchess Lutetia Ammon Muudashir of Mora and Lord Eneri Truell Adorania.
Educated at home by tutors, and then attended the Lynwa Academy. Served, after graduating, with the Mora office of the Ministry of Justice in a number of capacities.
Ascended to the matriarchy and Duchy of Mora when her mother abdicated in her favor on 021-1014. Inducted into the Order of Starship and Crown in 1018.

The Duchesses’ Self-Portrait:

The Duchess at her coronation as Matriarch of Mora:

Duchess Delphine hault Adorania Muudashir

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