Count Villesoth hault Ireem Astaarte

Duke-Regent of Glisten Subsector, High Imperial Count of Tirem


A large man of apparently failing health. He walks with a pronounced waddle due to his disproportionately broad hips.


Count Villesoth was born and raised as a minor noble in the Glisten Belt of the Glisten System. At the age of seventeen, his family relocated to Tirem, where young Villesoth served for twelve years a a courtier within the court of the High Imperial Viscount.
Courtly intrigues led him to an early nervous breakdown.
For the next decade Villesoth devoted himself to his interests in music and dance becoming a well-known performer, with his custom grav-synth wand, at aristocratic functions on Tirem and in Glisten.
At the age of fourty-two, Villesoth entered the diplomatic service, rising to the rank of Planetary Minister of State before being appointed, in 1108 at age 58, as the 1st High Imperial Count of Tirem in the 3rd Incarnation.

At the turn of 1112 Count Villesoth was in the Glisten System to attend the Duchess Avaraja‘s Holiday party. He was still in System on the fifth, when a still-mysterious “virus” caused nearly simultaneous outbreaks of highly destructive violence, anger, and hysteria. In the chaos that ensued, the Duchesses was killed when her yacht was impacted from three different directions by high-speed transports that were supposed to be headed out-system to the Pulvis Belt. Officials in Glisten have since ruled that this event must have been done deliberately, though all signs of by-whom have apparently been lost. The widespread chaos and violence led to the collapse and shut down of the Glisten Coordinating Authority’s multi-sector wide famous traffic control system.
With the help of a Huscarl Squadron from Zaibon, Count Villesoth established himself as the ranking Noble in the system and began working to restore order. Miraculously, the chaos seemed largely over within a little over a week.
Official reports from the new Duke-Regent’s office suggest that evidence points to some sort of madness producing virus. Research is ongoing.

Count Villesoth hault Ireem Astaarte

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