Captain Khalil Clotilda

Orkin's expensive captain


A small man with a wiry build, wild eyes, and an obviously cybernetic left arm.

Captains a 50 ton Modular Cuttar and a crew of five. Currently loaded with a fusion gun module and berthed on the SS Matron Gadgetron.


Khalil Clotilda was born to goat herders on Gohature/Five Sisters. When he was old enough, he entered the Imperial Flight Academy in the nearby Iderate System. He graduated with honors, writing a thesis on robotic combat drone operating systems.
For twenty years, Clotilda served on the “Flight Crew” of Imperial capital ships, but his service involved primarily communications and engineering (with occasional gunnery duties). He never got any serious flight time as a pilot however, never enough to do more than qualify for a basic piloting certification.
He had plenty of combat experience though. Even before the Fifth Frontier War, Captain Clotilda was a battle-hardened bridge officer. While fighting ex-Sword Worlder Navy pirates, he once took command of a Imperial Carrier during a battle as the ranking functional officer on-board. He received numerous cybernetic upgrades for injuries received in the line of duty.
After twenty years and three purple hearts as a flight officer, Captain Clotilda had what some might see as a mid-life crisis. He transferred from Flight to Intelligence, and became a black ops commando. This is the duty he performed during the Fifth Frontier War, in the Metal Worlds and on the Darrian Frontier. He will not speak about the things he did during the last War. His eyes go visibly grey when the topic is mentioned (nobody is sure why, and nobody wants to ask).
Captain Clotilda was working undercover for a faction within the Five Sisters Admiralty when he met Commodore Orkin. He was supposed to steal a data chip that Orkin was being given by “traitors” within the Admiralty who wanted to start a civil war with the Grand Admiral. Instead, Orkin noted the inordinant interest his supposed bar tender was paying to his covert meeting with a Naval Captain. Sir Orkin called Clotilda out, and offered to pay him triple what he was getting now if he joined him.
Initially baffled, Captian Clotilda gladly took the offer. He was unsatisfied with the state of the Admiralty and fed up with decades of service to a Navy apparently intent on destroying itself from the inside out.
Instructing the formerly enemy Captain to report that he had died in the line of duty, Captain Clotilda signed on for service as a Captain within the Rogues’ First Expeditionary Force, serving directly under Commodore Sir Orkin Sideways McClain.

After declaring his intent to assign the CNS Odin to Captain Clotilda’s command for the subjugation of Trane, the Commodore changed his mind and commanded the operation himself. [Note – The Commodore had also, previously, offered that role to Captain Masterson.] Instead, Clotilda was assigned to command a 50 ton modular cutter (designated as a fusion gun platform) and a fire-team of Marine-Engineers from the 1st Irregulars. (While Masterson was assigned to his usual ride, a 100 ton Stealth Scouthip, and a similar sized crew.)

Captain Khalil Clotilda

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