Buumi of Plains, Chinweaba Tatenda

Displaced (formerly Isolationist) Ruler


The Buumi was the hereditary ruler of the Plains region of Condaria; one of a small handful of planetary nobles who ruled direct populations under the auspices of a distant planetary ruling caste.
She invited Sir Orkin to Condaria to trade, in contravention of the Ruling Castes’ commands. She was bound to a grav-chair, likewise purchased from off-world, and needed spare parts for it and other little luxuries she had acquired over the years.
While on the planet, Sir Orkin made the recommendations that led to orbital bombardments against a target in the neaby ocean. The very limited warning time gave the Buumi and some of her people time to get off planet by means of their technically illegal purchased starships, before her lands and remaining people were destroyed by the after-effects of the assault.


Buumi of Plains, Chinweaba Tatenda

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