Professor Emeritus, Sir Doctor Benjamin Crest, Baronet

Esteemed professor of physics


Professor Emeritus of Physics and Gravitics at the University of Zaibon on Doctors Rock.


A Fellow of the Glisten Scientific Society and of the Order of Tenalphi in Zaibon, Professor Crest was formerly Professor of Physics at the Borilund and Regila Nix Institutes on Glisten where he achieved great acclaim for mathematically demonstrating the necessity of itner-particular gravitic distiction.

In retirement from the Glisten Institutes, his current official place of residence is the Cresthome Estate on Resten where his ongoing work was able to produce usable prototypes of devices demonstrating his previously only mathematical assertions. These ongoing achievements and inquiries have now brought him to Doctors Rock to study with and occasionally teach the best and brightest of the subsector’s minds.

the Cresttech brand of gravitic field manipulation doorless airlocks, incorporating Roguhu Industries technology should soon be appearing on invoices around the Lunion and Swordworld subsectors.

Cresttech – Removing the Doors that Stand in Your Way!

Professor Emeritus, Sir Doctor Benjamin Crest, Baronet

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