Agent-Captain Aelis Min Honin

Psi-Ops Agent and former Captain of the IMOJ Perfected Blade


(ethnic) Solomani Human Female, Mid-30s

Chief Adept of the Nag Sai Order among the Rogues (Serving Masters: Orkin, Vud, and Darla)

Commanding Officer of the IMOJ Perfected Blade, renamed and re-registered at Blisten Yards of Glisten on 005-1112.

Holder of an Imperial Ministry of Justice Agents’ Warrant, acquired legitimately from her predecessor per certification by Count Villesoth hault Ireem Astaarte, acting Duke-Regent of the Glisten Subsector.


Aelis was trained as a psionic infiltration agent by an underground psionic “academy” within one of the desert tribes of Harvosette. When the tribe lost out in one of the endless desert wars, Aelis made her way to Startown, and off-world, rather than suffer the slavery that otherwise awaited.
In the Harvosette Belt, on Armand Spaceport, she tried to telepathically influence a customs officer, who turned out to be a “working agent” of the Perfected Czardom.

She is now a Second Order Initiate of the Nagsai Practice, but continues to grow her familiarity with “Traveller” culture though work as an exterior agent.

Most recently, she is working with the privateer-knight Captain Orkin, on direct orders of The Sisters themselves. Commander Holland called her Zha-Zha, and always tried to get her on his ship (none-too subtly).

With Master Earnon continuing to serve the small Nag Sai community on Roguhu Hold, Aelis Min Honin was the leading Nag Sai adept among Orkin’s crew. Until the wolf-girl form of Darla.

Min Honin, though only an advanced Second Order Adept herself, recognized that Darla was in truth a Nag Sai Master and submitted to the wolf-girl’s teaching authority.

On Holiday of 1112, in the Glisten System, Aelis assisted Darla (both in projected forms) in capturing an 1,000 ton Inquisatorial Colonial Cruiser belonging to a team of psi-ops for the Imperial Ministry of Justice. The team was apparently operating on their own whim, but under the authority of an Imperial Ministry of Justice Agents Warrant. They were after Darla, Vud, and Aelis because they were not “registered” by the Imperium as psions. Their tactics were to try to abduct them in their sleep (a tactic which failed miserably).

Commodore Orkin has confirmed her command of the vessel, which she has renamed the IMOJ Perfected Blade. She is using the IMOJ Agents Warrant now in her possession to pose as a freelance Ministry of Justice Agent. Count Villesoth has certified her legitimate inheritance of the IMOJ Warrant “after the rest of her team was saddly lost in the Chaos of Holiday 1112.” The Glisten Subsector administration has certified her new rank and re-certified the Perfected Blade.

Her crew consists largely of Nag Sai petitioners and adepts, including rotating members of Lt-Cmdr Redshirt’s psi-ops team. All are technically under the command of Captain Vud Diablo Masterson as the Rogues Psi-Ops CO, though he seldom (ever?) exercises that authority.

In mid 1112, Aelis was assigned command of a small all psion extraction team and given temporary command of Vud’s Stealth Ship. She and her team left on an independent interstellar secret mission on behalf of Count Villesoth, while the bulk of the Force headed to Aki.

They have not been heard from since.

Agent-Captain Aelis Min Honin

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