Commander Anastasia Reiter

The Swordswoman of Thisbe


A swordswoman of high birth, exiled from her former haunts and serving executive officer aboard the Matron Gadgetron,
Combat Command Ribbon (Battle of Regina)


A noblewoman and a duelist known throughout the Dodds Cluster in the Trin’s Veil Subsector. She was a darling of the tabloid press and documentary artists there for years as she dueled her way through the reckless and outright villainous of the local backwater nobility.
Her fortunes changed when she crossed blades with the Count of Dodds over an accidentally spilled beer. She found that High Nobility were a different legal and social category than she was used to. The Count survived the encounter, but his injuries were enough to put her on wanted-lists throughout the extensive cluster.
She ended up in Zaibon, more than a full subsector away (as have so many others) looking for a place to lie low.

Instead, she joined the crew of a pirate/privateer named Orkin, and started going on adventures with a group known as Roguhu’s Rogues.

After taking charge of the ship in absence of the command crew and saving Orkin from the machination of Unit 42, she replaced Ted as Orkin’s XO (sparking a simmering jealousy that would culminate tragically years later).

When Orkin became Captain of the Dolorous Hauberk, Anistasia was promoted to Captain of the Matron Gadgetron, previously Orkin’s private vessel. She served with distinction as both an XO and a Captain, until a misjump separated the Matron Gadgetron from the rest of the Rogue ships. Taking advantage of the situation, Ted challenged her to a duel… and won.

Ted’s escapades, styling himself a Pirate Captain, ended up getting him shot by Ohla who brought the ship back to Zaibon, and turned Ted over to Orkin (who disgustedly handed him over to Dr. Roguhu.)

After the experience, Anastasia requested to be removed from command duty. Captain Orkin affirmed her role as Executive officer for Ohla. She has also taken custody and guardianship of the two young girls Ted had taken from a sleezy client as his personal slaves.

Commander Anastasia Reiter

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