A fully sentient android with an Ancients artifact body.


Originally an experimental artificial intelligence software package installed on the equally experimental computer core of the imperial patrol cruiser Kinunir. She became self-aware in the process of sacrificing the lives of her crew and creator in an act of simultaneous self-protection and (perhaps selfish) following the letter of the last order her creator gave: “Protect the Kinunir at all costs!”
She befriended the pirate/adventurers who would come to be known as Roguhu’s Rogues when they found her drifting, without fuel in the Shionthy Belt. She eventually had her computer core removed from the hull of the heavily redesigned Kinunir and installed in the asteroid base near Doctors Rock that she was working from. During this period she also was gifted an Ancients-built, liquid metal android body by the mysterious archaologist somtimes known as Zhodavian. This body is probably at least partially responsible for Allie’s ability to survive the dismantling of her computer core by hostile Zhodani agents during the Outworld Coalition’s assualt on Doctors Rock.
She now inhabits the android body full-time and has moved to the planet Debarre, where she lives with her long time lover Cyborgia and continues her “secret” labratory work (including on the various collaborations begun with the Doctor).

Known “offspring”:

Trogdor – the sentient cutting-edge custom destroyer that killed its first crew and has now gone rogue (pun intended). Location unknown since the assault on Doctor’s Rock.


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