Roguhu's Rogues

Review of Recent Rogue Adventures (Part 2 of 2):

Avery and Grandfather

Another psionic dream swept Imperial space.
This time it involved the unborn Avery (A glowing fetus floating in space) conversing amicably with Grandfather (visibly and obviously a droyne). After welcoming each other, Grandfather announces that Avery is what he had been waiting for… and that he might not need to wipe out life in the universe now after all. Then Grandfather seemed to notice that they were “being watched.” The vision ended when Grandfather reached out and turned something off. No further such widespread psionic visions have been reported since.

LTC and the Serendip Belt

Still in the Islands Subsectors (Reft Sector) Captain Sam discovers and thwarts machinations by the LTC corporation to take over the Serendip Belt system. LTC (formerly “Ling Technical Consortium” now rebranded “League of Terran Corporations") had been working as a technological uplift project in the Islands for decades. Captain Sam discovered their secret shipyard and stash of high-tech combat ships (based on Rogue designs sold to them by Orkin!!) managing to warn the Technocrats in charge of the system in time to prevent a hostile take-over by LTC forces.

Recent news, however, indicates that LTC had similar projects underway in other Islands systems, and that they have now established themselves as an interstellar polity within the Reft Sector (not including Serendip Belt though).

Tobia: Tournament of White and Brain Parasites

Returning to Imperial Space, Captain Sam and crew stopped by the White City of Tobia. Just a few years earlier Fermi, Orkin, and Golden Apple dominated the Tournament of White. Arriving just in time to participate again, some of the Rogues signed up for the Tourney. None were particularly dominating their events… but the competitions were cut short by a combination of a pro- Fourth Imperium suicide/protest and an assassination attempt on the gathered Dukes of Tobia, by a brain-parasite created by the infamous Dr. Soloman Trax Vildevreck Bolton.
Sam and crew (especially Tink-Tink) manage to foil the assassination attempts (and somehow piss of the Grand-Duke in the process), get info about the Brain parasite from the King of Tobia, and get out of the system as it descends into chaos over the canceled Tournament.

Vilani Dream Pixie on Mirage

Refueling at a gas giant in the Mirage System numerous crew had dream visitations from a “Vilani Dream Pixie,” who invited Tea Tree to visit her on the planet and talk about magic. Captain Sam was disturbed by the phenomena and ordered the crew to jump to the next system as soon as possible, but Tea Tree made a point of recording the offered coordinates for future use.

Cpt Clotilda “retires” to staff position on Aki

Captain Sir Khalil Clotilda, who was scalped by Orkin from the Imperial Navy of the Five Sisters Sector only to return to Imperial service under the “True” Emperor Strephon in Usdiki, retired from Imperial / Rogues service by taking a staff Commodore position in the planetary navy of Aki (serving Prince Domonicus). He insisted that he wanted to get off the boat before he got any closer to his old haunts in the Five Sisters.

Sir Tink Tink takes over Kitsune Shipyards – Glisten

Arriving in Glisten, Sam and crew find that there has been little to no recovery from the chaos of the Glisten Virus years earlier. The formerly bustling cultural and technological center is now largely ruins. Scattered pockets of high-technology survive alongside pirate harbors and squatter communes. Count Villesoth of Tireme, who had been struggling to claim the title Duke of Glisten when last they knew, had abandoned his claims and returned home to Tireme in an effort to help combat the pirate activity plaguing the coreward Glisten Subsector.

One area of intact facilities in the Glisten system incluldes the Kitsune Shipyards and Blisten Yards shipbuilding operations in the outer Pulvis Belt; fortunately for Sam and Tink-Tink (who have major stock interests in Kitsune Shipyards). Tink-Tink drops off of the crew here, in order to actively take up the reigns of managing Kisune’s (and Sideways Holding’s) interests in the region (including their yards on Trane). As the highest ranking (only?) imperial noble in the system, he effectively takes on the position of Imperial Legate.

Pirates of Tireme

Jumping from Glisten to Tireme, the crew sees first-hand the pirate problem Villesoth returned for. A squadron of 400 to 800 ton vessels hanging out in gas giant orbit began calling for reinforcement from fellows to pick off their latest target before it could refuel. The Errant Cavalier, however, with sufficient tankage for two jumps, simply jumped away before the confused pirates were prepared to make their move.

Additional encounters with pirates (though fewer and less organized) between Tireme and Zaibon indicate that the the issue is more widespread than Glisten/Tireme.

Avery Decanted (as of Holiday)

According to couriers from Tink-Tink in Glisten, Avery (the so-called “God-Emperor” to-be) was decanted on Holiday (Day 1) of the year 1116 of the Third Imperium. The pronouncements include Avery’s statement that his unification of Holiday (~New Years) and the Emperor’s Birthday celebrations into one is meant to be symbolic of his intent to “unify Humaniti under my name.”

Lord Doctor Roguhu and Magic Rock

Captain Sam and his crew are welcomed back by Lord Doctor Roguhu and given possession of a fifty thousand ton asteroid office / lab facility, which they name “Magic Rock.” There they establish and hire researchers for laboratories to focus on the study of magic (which Tea Tree is pleased to know operates in Zaibon.)

The crew also become aware that the Darrian Civil War, which had broken out before their departure from the Spinward Marches, had escalated to the point of both the Mire and Darrian systems being star triggered! In addition to the triggering of the star of Condaria, which they knew of (Orkin recommended it), these overlappiing, expanding wavefronts threaten to decimate an already war-torn Darrian Sector.

Patriot Deve Lopement and Mary Moontalker spear the project to create a trio of modular super-freighters, fill them with low berth modules and mount a rescue operation! They hope that they will be able to scavange a little high-tech while they are there.

Their first craft, the 200,000 ton “Meat Locker” (600,000 tons when loaded), is currently being produced at the developing shipyards attached to Magic Rock. While waiting for it to be completed Captain Sam takes his crew and the Errant Cavalier out to the Darrrian Sector to scout out the situation.



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