Roguhu's Rogues

Humanitarian Adventures in the Darrian Subsector:
Raid and the Mouth on Condaria

Captain Sam Vibes of the INS Errant Cavalier, commanding officer of Rogue Expeditionary Force One, led his ship and crew through the Sword Worlds subsector to the war-torn and star-trigger-ravaged Darrian subsector. They were scouting the worlds likely to be soon impacted by the star-trigger wave-fronts, seeking to determine which would be in most need of the rescue ship(s) being built in Zaibon. They first visited Spume, where the small population already seemed to be well prepared and accounted for; then Illium, where they confirmed with the locals (neutrals in the civil war) that their rescue efforts would be both helpful and welcomed.

After gathering information on the expected arrival of the various wave-fronts and agreeing to bring back help to Illium when it is ready, Captain Sam ordered his vessel to the Condaria system; the first Darrian system to be star-triggered in recent history, where one of his officers, Raid McCulloch, was being drawn by debilitating visions.

Approaching the planet Condaria revealed a bizarre and disturbing phenomenon. Devoid of apparent inhabitation or surface life the planet now bore what looked almost like a huge-mouth… a massive crater-like depression ringed by jagged tooth-like protrusions and with a hole descending beneath the planet’s surface at its center.

Upon being woken from medical cryo-sleep Raid insisted that he be taken to the planet’s surface and allowed to descend into the crater. Captain Sam piloted the cutter to the surface to deposit them, then waited in orbit while Raid and his followers dissapeared below the planet’s surface. Mary Moontalker accompanied the Captain on the cutter in order to gather more direct data on the phenomenon. In the meantime, Commander Hinwa Rogueschild was refueling the Cavalier at a system gas giant before rejoining the Captain in orbit around the mainworld.

While awaiting the Errant Cavalier to join them in orbit Mary and Captain Sam tried to keep in meson-communications contact with the three Rogues in the planet below. Raid, Bill, and Jenny reported the the deeper they descended the more anatomical looking their surroundings became. They started to encounter small, multi-legged polyp-like creatures, which largely ignored their presence. Following Raid’s vision-based direction they made their way to what they described as a shaft leading down to water… and what sounded like crashing ocean-waves.

Then the meson-connection was lost.

Captain Sam immediately ordered that the Cavalier prepare a nuclear warhead to seal the opening on the planet surface. As soon as the Cavalier had joined them in orbit and he had docked the cutter in its cradle, the Captain ordered the opening sealed.

When the warhead detonated the entire crust of the planet shifted, the “mouth” closed around the explosion bringing together the “teeth” of stone and dirt in a violent impact that sent debris high into the planet’s atmosphere. The Errant Cavalier remained above the debris though, and her densomitor readings indicated that the explosion had caused a great deal of damage, too much perhaps for their data to be very intelligible. The region seemed to be in profound flux.

Briefly, Raid appeared to be present on the bridge, delivered a message, then vanished again. He was seen by several crew-members, including the Captain, and was recorded on security footage. The message was as follows: “Thank you for delivering me as I requested. I totally understand why you were hesitant to come with me. You are free to go now, if you would like.”

Dr. Apple Adonis proposed that, if they waited, the “mouth” might reopen and they could get a better read on the effects of their efforts. Captain Sam, however, having had quite enough of this sort of bizzareness, ordered the Cavalier to maneuver out to the jump limit and jump back to Zaibon immediately.

Review of Recent Rogue Adventures (Part 2 of 2):

Avery and Grandfather

Another psionic dream swept Imperial space.
This time it involved the unborn Avery (A glowing fetus floating in space) conversing amicably with Grandfather (visibly and obviously a droyne). After welcoming each other, Grandfather announces that Avery is what he had been waiting for… and that he might not need to wipe out life in the universe now after all. Then Grandfather seemed to notice that they were “being watched.” The vision ended when Grandfather reached out and turned something off. No further such widespread psionic visions have been reported since.

LTC and the Serendip Belt

Still in the Islands Subsectors (Reft Sector) Captain Sam discovers and thwarts machinations by the LTC corporation to take over the Serendip Belt system. LTC (formerly “Ling Technical Consortium” now rebranded “League of Terran Corporations") had been working as a technological uplift project in the Islands for decades. Captain Sam discovered their secret shipyard and stash of high-tech combat ships (based on Rogue designs sold to them by Orkin!!) managing to warn the Technocrats in charge of the system in time to prevent a hostile take-over by LTC forces.

Recent news, however, indicates that LTC had similar projects underway in other Islands systems, and that they have now established themselves as an interstellar polity within the Reft Sector (not including Serendip Belt though).

Tobia: Tournament of White and Brain Parasites

Returning to Imperial Space, Captain Sam and crew stopped by the White City of Tobia. Just a few years earlier Fermi, Orkin, and Golden Apple dominated the Tournament of White. Arriving just in time to participate again, some of the Rogues signed up for the Tourney. None were particularly dominating their events… but the competitions were cut short by a combination of a pro- Fourth Imperium suicide/protest and an assassination attempt on the gathered Dukes of Tobia, by a brain-parasite created by the infamous Dr. Soloman Trax Vildevreck Bolton.
Sam and crew (especially Tink-Tink) manage to foil the assassination attempts (and somehow piss of the Grand-Duke in the process), get info about the Brain parasite from the King of Tobia, and get out of the system as it descends into chaos over the canceled Tournament.

Vilani Dream Pixie on Mirage

Refueling at a gas giant in the Mirage System numerous crew had dream visitations from a “Vilani Dream Pixie,” who invited Tea Tree to visit her on the planet and talk about magic. Captain Sam was disturbed by the phenomena and ordered the crew to jump to the next system as soon as possible, but Tea Tree made a point of recording the offered coordinates for future use.

Cpt Clotilda “retires” to staff position on Aki

Captain Sir Khalil Clotilda, who was scalped by Orkin from the Imperial Navy of the Five Sisters Sector only to return to Imperial service under the “True” Emperor Strephon in Usdiki, retired from Imperial / Rogues service by taking a staff Commodore position in the planetary navy of Aki (serving Prince Domonicus). He insisted that he wanted to get off the boat before he got any closer to his old haunts in the Five Sisters.

Sir Tink Tink takes over Kitsune Shipyards – Glisten

Arriving in Glisten, Sam and crew find that there has been little to no recovery from the chaos of the Glisten Virus years earlier. The formerly bustling cultural and technological center is now largely ruins. Scattered pockets of high-technology survive alongside pirate harbors and squatter communes. Count Villesoth of Tireme, who had been struggling to claim the title Duke of Glisten when last they knew, had abandoned his claims and returned home to Tireme in an effort to help combat the pirate activity plaguing the coreward Glisten Subsector.

One area of intact facilities in the Glisten system incluldes the Kitsune Shipyards and Blisten Yards shipbuilding operations in the outer Pulvis Belt; fortunately for Sam and Tink-Tink (who have major stock interests in Kitsune Shipyards). Tink-Tink drops off of the crew here, in order to actively take up the reigns of managing Kisune’s (and Sideways Holding’s) interests in the region (including their yards on Trane). As the highest ranking (only?) imperial noble in the system, he effectively takes on the position of Imperial Legate.

Pirates of Tireme

Jumping from Glisten to Tireme, the crew sees first-hand the pirate problem Villesoth returned for. A squadron of 400 to 800 ton vessels hanging out in gas giant orbit began calling for reinforcement from fellows to pick off their latest target before it could refuel. The Errant Cavalier, however, with sufficient tankage for two jumps, simply jumped away before the confused pirates were prepared to make their move.

Additional encounters with pirates (though fewer and less organized) between Tireme and Zaibon indicate that the the issue is more widespread than Glisten/Tireme.

Avery Decanted (as of Holiday)

According to couriers from Tink-Tink in Glisten, Avery (the so-called “God-Emperor” to-be) was decanted on Holiday (Day 1) of the year 1116 of the Third Imperium. The pronouncements include Avery’s statement that his unification of Holiday (~New Years) and the Emperor’s Birthday celebrations into one is meant to be symbolic of his intent to “unify Humaniti under my name.”

Lord Doctor Roguhu and Magic Rock

Captain Sam and his crew are welcomed back by Lord Doctor Roguhu and given possession of a fifty thousand ton asteroid office / lab facility, which they name “Magic Rock.” There they establish and hire researchers for laboratories to focus on the study of magic (which Tea Tree is pleased to know operates in Zaibon.)

The crew also become aware that the Darrian Civil War, which had broken out before their departure from the Spinward Marches, had escalated to the point of both the Mire and Darrian systems being star triggered! In addition to the triggering of the star of Condaria, which they knew of (Orkin recommended it), these overlappiing, expanding wavefronts threaten to decimate an already war-torn Darrian Sector.

Patriot Deve Lopement and Mary Moontalker spear the project to create a trio of modular super-freighters, fill them with low berth modules and mount a rescue operation! They hope that they will be able to scavange a little high-tech while they are there.

Their first craft, the 200,000 ton “Meat Locker” (600,000 tons when loaded), is currently being produced at the developing shipyards attached to Magic Rock. While waiting for it to be completed Captain Sam takes his crew and the Errant Cavalier out to the Darrrian Sector to scout out the situation.

Review of Recent Rogue Adventures (Part 1 of 2):
Adventures of Captain Sam

(Note: Some of these “reviews” depict events otherwise not mentioned on these pages.)

Prince Orkin vanishes

- Prince Orkin and Princess Lidia, royalty of the planet Munnarn, vanished in a mass of inexplicable tentacles. The fact that this occurred immediately after Prince Orkin gives a “going away” speech to his followers have led to this being widely interpreted as a sort of “ascension” to some sort of higher form. – Both Orkin and Lidia are added to the Nag Sai pantheon of venerable beings.

Lord Fermi dissapears (along with gates!)

- Lord Fermi departs with his Protectors of the Time Stream into the time-stream on his mission to save the immortal Calitha Starbrow from the Oard at the end of time. With his departure the gates from Munnarn to both Pandius and the time-stream close (leaving only the gate to the Fog open).
- The disappearances of both Prince Orkin and Lord Fermi leave the “ Rogues”/”Zaibon Huscarls” leaderless and dispersed (despite the effort to form an Executive Council).

Strephon dies again… VUD / Lord Masterson as Regent (Avery Project)

- The controversial “Strephon” (who claimed to be the real Emperor, never assassinated) was executed on Shakhamash in 1114 by the megacorporation Makhidkarun. VUD, now better known as Lord Masterson, became Regent(a.k.a. “Lord Protector”) of “Strephon’s Imperium” by virtue of being the legal guardian of Strephon’s, secretly prepared, designated heir: the carefully engineered and enhanced clone Avery. Lord Masterson wastes no time in depicting Avery as the coming “God-Emperor” of an improved and uplifted Humaniti. He begins to float the idea of christening the “Fourth Imperium of Man.”

Lord Vog and the Golden Apple

- Lord Vog remains as the Legate to the spider-controlled (?) planet of Munnarn, and continues to operate his magical, dimension crossing highport shipyard (Fogport) in orbit above the planet. Lord Masterson has not yet seen fit to replace the Viscount title left vacant by Prince Orkin’s disappearance.
-The Golden Apple / “Obi” has been named High Imperial Baron of Imaniik, incorporating that planet officially into Lord Masterson’s “Fourth Imperium.” The Golden Apple immediately begins developing his own idiosyncratic droyne society amongst the local Chirper population.

Captain Sam and The Orkid Blade

- Long-time Rogue pilot Sir Samuel Vibes is promoted to Captain and appointed (by Lord Fermi, shortly before his disappearance) to a ship command. His first vessel was the Orkid Blade a 3000 ton Agashaam Class Destroyer, which he staffed with former Rogues. (Said organization was disintegrating after the disappearance of two of its highest leaders.) He managed to acquire some substantial members from his former crew: Sir Tink Tink, Sir Khalil (or “Captain Clotilda” as he was more often called), Sir Hinwa Rogueschild, Dame Straw Rats, and others answered his call for a crew.

Argo and its Family

- Intending to re-cross the Rift via the Islands subsectors, the Orkid Blade instead discovered a strange vessel drifting through the dark of space between systems… The Argo. They encountered what appeared to be a holographic projection from the vessel. It identified itself as “the Argo.” It invited them to come aboard if they were willing to help its “family.”
The ”Family” turned out to be a small collection of psionically enhanced humans whom it had been nurturing in hiding for centuries since the period of the Imperial psionics suppression. The last remaining female was incapable of reproduction… despite repeated drugs, procedures, surgeries, and the like. The officers of the Orkid Blade refused to do any further procedures upon the poor woman, and informed the Argo (apparently the ship’s AI) that he needed new breeding stock… they would put him in touch with Lord Masterson… who would not abuse them and might be able to help.
- Reluctantly, Argo agrees, and Captain Sam takes the Orkid Blade right back to Usdiki. Once there, they easily convince Lord Regent Masterson to provide them with a bigger ship, and to help out (i.e. incorporate into his network/service) the old-school AI and enhanced psychic family.
-Lord Mastesrson was excited to do so! He provided them with the 2nd of a vessel designed for himself, the Paladin Class Rift-Courier the Errant Cavalier.

The Errant Cavalier

- Captain Sam took most of his crew from the Orkid Blade and moved them to his new ship. The new vessel, with double jump 4 capacity and android crew, was justified by their mission from VUD… take a series of messages and / or packages to a select number of recipients along their route, ending with packages for Dr. Roguhu and the corporate offices in Zaibon.

Jump Gates!!

- One of the first stops was at a secret deep-space location, where a jump gate was being constructed; designed to connect to Usdiki… 10 parsecs away! VUD’s seven year old jump project is finally seeing fruition. This will be a monumental advance in Jump technology.

Ohla, Raid, and the Place for Bad Uncles

- At Riftspan station Captain Sam and his crew encountered Raid McCullough and his crew, who had apparently (in competition with Ohla) found Orkin’s Serpent Blade in the Anundarluu Gas Cloud. Raid could remember little of the experience… but was able to recall a bit more due to the magical assistance of Tea-Tree Lemon. They managed to establish that Raid did NOT kill Olah (as was widely rumored). And that the Ancient (?) droyne in the gas cloud told him to not come back.

Mariner Antique

- The crew of the Errant Cavalier discovered Mariner Antique drifting in space near the wreckage of the naval base in the Amondiage system. He was apparently perfectly comfortable in the frozen void of space, but came on board and asked to join the crew. He eventually revealed that he was an old, old being, he had been sent their way by Father Time, and that he was hiding out from some cosmic level bad guy.

The New Home – Imperial Alliance

- Following up on negotiations begun years earlier by then commodore Orkin and assisted by diplomatic packages sent by Lord Masterson, Captain Sam and crew managed to negotiate a treaty between VUD’s Fourth Imperium and the New Home Alliance based on the planet of New Home. The new, expanded alliance is intended to bring both Islands subsectors under the sway of the 4th Imperium and end the now decades long Islands Civil War.

"Returning" to the Root
Rogues come home to roost

On 142-1116 Captain Sir Sam Vibes and the crew of the The Errant Cavalier entered the Zaibon system; “returning” after the Rogues left the system nearly five years earlier. Most of the crew was new since that time, and none of the “returning crew” (even the Captain) had even met their patron, Lord-Doctor Edax hault Roguhu, the Baron Zaibon.

After three days spent debriefing / demonstrating credentials, Captain Sam was finally able to meet the Lord Doctor and deliver the messages from Lord Masterson.

After viewing the message, Dr. Roguhu, gave Captain Sam and Crew an asteroid base (tentatively called “Magic Rock”) to use for researching this new technology they call “magic,” and has agreed to attach a shipyard for the use of the crew.

Many of the crew are dazzled and overwhelmed by the technology and widespread robotics and cybernetics of the Zaibon System.

Captain Sam has thrown himself fully into the exotic Zaibon party scene. The best times he’s had since Glisten in the old days!

He has established corporate stock ownership in both Sidewayz Holdings and Kitsune Shipyard, while also certifying Dr. Roguhu’s own increased ownership of both. Captain Sam has very quickly entered Zaibon’s upper strata of corporations and Imperial nobility… a major new addition to the “Who’s Who” of the system.

New Crew Since Usdiki
Double-Agents, Ice People, and Space-Pirates... oh my!

Mariner Antique - Ice Man from Space

9BA994 Genasi (?) Male, Age: * (?)

Magic (Attack) 0, Magic (Ice) 0, Magic (Defense) 0, Philosophy 0, Melee 0, Astrogation 0, Mechanic 0, Engineering 0, Carouse 0, Diplomacy 0, Computers 0,

Human(ish) in appearance, with ice blue hair and eyes and skin so pale you can clearly see the blue veins beneath, Mariner is apparently something he calls a “Genasi.” He has the ability to produce/control/manipulate ice (to at least some degree). In a sufficiently moist environment snowflakes will spontaneously appear on his hair or shoulders… or in his wake as he walks.
Mariner Antique is somewhat cryptic about his past, acknowledging that he is “quite old,” used to having a “whole planet to myself,” that he doesn’t usually like to travel, that his current form is “a disguise”… and that he is “hiding” from an “old man” who killed him in a dream.
More recently he has also mentioned that he spent some time “some thousands of years ago” “around the time of the Elemental Wars,” around R’Bak in the Sagittarian Subsector.
He askedCaptain Sam and his crew for protection in the Amondiage System of the New Islands Subsector, where he was drifting (unprotected from the vacuum) amidst the wreckage of the local naval base. He said that he had been told to meet them here by “Father Time.” He informed them that he was fleeing from a great power, and that he simply didn’t want to be “anywhere that anyone might think to look for me.”
He drunkenly claimed to have once been a being composed of water, until he was “turned all hard and sharp and stabby” by someone named Freeze. He likewise bemoaned his failed relationship with said Freeze, noting that though he was “technically immortal” he would “return to Freeze” if he “died.” And that would apparently be a bad thing.

Bruiser Bill (Billester Zhou Dambasket) - Heavily Cyborged Strong-arm

EBE2A7 Cyborg (Human) Male, Age 38

Persuade 6
Gun Combat (Energy Rifle) 4, (Shotgun) 3, (Energy Pistol) 2, (Slug Pistol) 2, (Slug Rifle) 1
Melee (Unarmed) 2, (Blade) 1
Battledress 1, Heavy Weapons 0, Recon 0

Dermal Armor (visible and obvious) 3 fire retardant, self-healing, Null Skull, Neural Comm, Soldier Organs, Frame Reinforcement, Internal Medkit, Advanced Arms with retractable blades (x2), Strength, Agility, and Endurance enhancements, Advanced Cybernetic Eyes, ears, taste and smell (obvious), small prehensile tentacle with five opposable digits implanted just below his chin (mostly used to light his cigars or pick up food when he’s eating), Laser Rifle, Laser Pistol, Gauss Pistol,

Billester “Bruiser Bill” Dambasket applied for the Imperial Marines the moment his parole officer gave him the option. Nobody was surprised when they accepted him, but nobody felt good about it either. Everybody knew that the only things Bill was good for were bustn’ heads an’ breakn’ bones. But he was really good at that.
Today he is much, much better at that.
Through his terms as a marine, then as an imperially licensed mercenary, Bill acquired a plethora of cybernetic upgrades and enhancements. None of them are subtle if he can help it. He says it helps with the intimidation factor… and the results are hard to argue with. His shoulders are inhumanly broad… and metallic, as is most of his body. Far more machine than human, his frame is illegal on many planets (Imperial and otherwise) classified as a “non-sentient autonomous weapons platform.”
Bill latched onto Raid McCullogh shortly after enlisting with the Rogues. He hasn’t stopped looking to the swordsman for direction since. Not even after being kidnapped by aliens, mind-wiped, and left to die on a hunk of drifting space-wreckage.

Brigette Herrum Guurdisham - Corporate Spy, and Semi-Renowned Botanist

79A8B7 Female Human (Imperial, of Vilani extraction) Age 40

Science (Botany) 2, (Xenology) 1, (Sophontology) 1, (Chemistry) 1
Engineer (Life Support) 1, Sensors 1, Computers 1, Investigate 1, Seafarer 0, Animals 0, Comms 0, Medic 0, Diplomat 0, Deception 0,

40,000 cr, Bioscanner, Neural Activity Sensor, 10 Lab Ship shares from SuSAG,

Brigette Maratoci Herrum arrived on Armec-Zaama at age 19 as a fresh-faced young field-sophontologist from nearby Hulr. She studied the methodologies and practices of the corporate development of the planet under SuSAG‘s direction. She delivered that report to the Imperial Interstellar Scout Service, then took an offer of employment from SuSAG, to catalog and identify the abundant plant (and then later animal) life on the verdant, but not human hospitable planet.
For over twenty years she worked as a SuSAG botanist, continuing her work in taxonomy while also overseeing diverse research projects tied to pharmacological trials and geneering advancements. During that time she also became embroiled in covert corporate operations. Early in her career an upper-level manager provided her with a “sample” of 2 dozen sophant aliens “under the table” for use in dangerous research trials. Despite all professional and legal conventions to the contrary, she used the provided sample, and then immediately began trying to forget that she had done so (something the company has not allowed to happen).
At the age of 35 she was covertly ordered by the local director of SuSAG operations to develop a romantic relationship with her supervising manager, without letting him know it was an order. She married the substantially younger Tollet Guurdisham a year later and assumed that that was the end of it.
However, four years after their wedding, Tollet decides to jump ship, disturbed by the increasingly imperial ambitions of the corporation he served. Brigette was immediately contacted by SuSAG intelligence operatives, who instructed her to be supportive and follow her husband into his flight… and to report back to them when possible on his activities and acquaintances.
The ruse didn’t really last long, however, shortly after Tollet “defected” to the officers of an Imperial Rift Courier (Captain Sam and crew) said officers managed to convince Brigette to spill the beans and admit to being a SuSAG spy. Her husband was shocked.
Both joined the crew of the Errant Cavalier and Brigette began the study of magic with the Engineering Officer, Ensign Tea Tree Lemon.

Tollet Maris Guurdisham - Corporate Turncoat/Whistle-blower and Devastated Husband

5BA7A5 Human Vilani Male , Age 31

Admin 2, Advocate 1, Gambler 1, Leadership 1, Drive 0, Flyer 0, Streetwise 0, Melee 0, Steward 0, Trade 0

From a working class Vilani family on Hoilhopoli (all killed in the orbital bombardment almost two years ago now), Tollet found a job right out of his graduation from the Public Youth Preparation Camps with the imperial megacorporation, Schunaman und Söhnen, AG (SuSAG). He started out as a communications clerk for the local administrative office on Hoilhopoli and was eventually promoted to a management position on the SuSAG owned planet of Armek-Zaama. He immediately started questioning the ethics and legality of some of the practices on Armek-Zaama and began secretly collecting evidence that he might later turn over to Imperial investigators.
Then he met, fell in love with, and married a fellow (part) Vilani named Brigette. She was a scientist who had devoted her career to working for SuSAG on Armec-Zaama. He put his investigation aside so as not to ruin his wife’s idyllic work opportunities… until he finally overheard too much, confirmed for himself that his worst fears were true. Only then, after defecting to an Imperial starship out of fear for SuSAG’s increasingly independent imperial ambitions, does he discover that his wife of four years is actually a corporate spy, ordered to marry him by upper management… His world is destroyed.

Raid McCulloch - Mysterious Former Rogue Captain

CBAC8A Human (Cyborg) Male, Age 41

Melee (Blade) 3, Engineer (Maneuver Drive) 2, Zero G 2, Mechanic 2, Pilot (Starship) 2, Battledress 1, Leadership 1, Jack of all Trades 1, Gun Combat (Energy Pistol) 1, Carouse 1, Animals 0, Astrogation 0, Broker 0, Comms 0, Gunner 0, Heavy Weapons 0, Streetwise 0, Vacc Suit 0

Null Skull, Neural Comm, Enhanced Senses (3), Subdermal Armor 3 (subtle), Internal Medical Kit, Internal Oxygen Tanks, Soldier Organs Package, Grav Harness, Plasma Pistol, Cloth Armor (Rogues’ Colors) [5], Serpent Necklace (Armor [+17]),

Raid McCulloch was listed as a Captain on the final Rank List released by the Rogues Executive Committee before the Rogues voted to go their separate ways. He had command of a 500 ton Rift Patrol Cruiser, called the Belligerent Buckle. He was absolutely determined to find Orkin‘s blade. He doesn’t remember anything about himself before this point. Neither, apparently, does anybody else.
When the Rogues disbanded Raid managed to recruit a crew of 20 former Rogues to staff his ship and set out toward the Reft Sector and the Islands, informing his crew that he had the clue to the location of Orkin’s Serpent Blade.
With the magical assistance of Tea Tree Lemon and his apprentices Raid manages to remember that he and his crew traveled to the planet Sansterre in the Old Islands Subsector. From there, his memory is missing again… until the duel between himself and Dame Olah Gadgetronka, Captain (and Owner) of Prince Orkin’s personal Q-Yacht the Matron Gadgetron, Cheiftain of the Gadgetron Clan.
They were on some sort of flat metallic surface, the sky and horizon were only starfield. Ohla had Prince Orkin’s Serpent Blade, but he felt compelled to challenge her for it… though he knew he couldn’t win.
While dueling the Chieftain, he watches her get shot in the back by one of his own crew! (Pirate Jim). After registering the shock of seeing Olah shot in front of him… then realizing who did it… Raid notices (in his repaired memory) the approach of a Droyne in a robe.
Then his memory is blank again… until his cryoberth chamber is opened by a rescue team from Riftspan Station on a piece of alien wreckage drifting through the void of Reft Sector. Only three of his twenty crew still remained with him (each in their own cryoberth pod)… one of them was Pirate Jim.
After some recuperation time on Riftspan, Captain Raid ordered a public execution for Pirate Jim, on the charge of murdering an officer.
Another crew of former Rogues (led by Captain Sir Samuel Vibes) tries to intervene in the execution. They were under the impression that Raid killed Olah.
Sir Tink Tink knocks a bunch of people over in his attempt to tackle Captain Raid. Lots of guns get pulled and somebody shoots a bolt of force at Raid’s face (the Serpent Necklace stops it easily). Raid takes Jim’s head off with one clean stroke while the melee ensues around him, then Captain Sir Kahlil Clotilda shoots out a light and tells everyone to chill out.
(Re)introductions are made, the station administrator wants to know what the Hel is going on, Raid gets grilled, and the little black boxes in both his head and Jim’s severed head are checked for their accounts. The accounts (in all cases) are clearly degraded/damaged.
Tea Trea Lemon, Chief Engineering Officer for Captain Sam’s Errant Cavalier, uses some sort of magical rituals to repair both the data recordings and Raid’s memories themselves… though it revels comparatively little more (the Droyne (plural) in robes telling Raid to never come back!) and much remains corrupted / obscured or simply missing.
Without a ship, Raid has joined the crew of the Errant Cavalier and brings his two remaining crew members with him.
Remembered / Reconstructed Clue: “The Place for Bad Uncles” = The Anundarlu Gas Cloud (Vilani Myth)

Jenny Stargazer (Dkuit Po Di’Zhedapt)

479697 Human (Cyborg) Female, Age 29

Astrogation 3, Pilot (Small Craft) 3, Battle Dress 3, Persuade 2, Zero G 0, Vacc Suit 0, Mechanic 0, Computers 0, Melee 0, Gun Combat 0, Recon 0

Gauss Pistol, Cloth Armor (Rogues’ Colors), Subdermal Armor 3 (mostly subtle, but visible plates on neck, shoulders, and back of hands), Neural Comm, Wafer-Jack, Null Skull, Enhanced Senses +3

Jenny Stargazer was raised from infancy to be a mercenary star-marine. Her parents had named her Dkuit Po Di’Zhedapt, but she has never known anyone who has called her by that name. The mercenaries who took her, still in her hand-woven cradle, as a “recruit” didn’t bother to note what planet the parents had been from, or anything else about them, not even what they were paid (if anything).
She has been a starmarine ever since. Usually with a mercenary support unit, but the Rogues gave her a chance to turn a more legitimate “Imperial” service. She has always gravitated toward piloting, astrogation, and maintenance of the company’s battle-dress and navigational gear rather than actual combat duty.
Then the Rogues essentially “disbanded” when the Rogues Executive Committee determined that they were each going their own way and doing their own thing. In the ensuing struggle to find births with compatible officers and crew Jenny found herself on a rift patrol cruiser under the command of Captain Raid McCulloch. She has served with him since, until now she is one of only two survivors who, along with their Captain, are rescued by some fellow former Rogues (after a particularly hairy adventure).

New Ship: The Errant Cavalier
Captain Sam and a new-old crew of space rouges.

Some time after the “collapse” of the Rogues on Munnarn, Sam Vibes finds himself receiving a new command from the Lord Protector of Strephon’s Imperium.

Capn’ Sam had been learning the ropes of command as the skipper of the Agashaam Class Destroyer, the Orkid Blade. Intending to return to the Marches on the example of Ohla and other former Rogues senior officers, he and his crew instead found themselves returning to Usdiki, the seat of their faction of the shattered Third Imperium of Man.

They had discovered a “machine intelligence” named Argo drifting in deep space, along with his dwindling “family” of inbred human survivors.They thought that was something the Lord Protector would want to know about.

They were right.

Lord Masterson rewarded Capn’ Sam with an upgraded ship (as the Captain had requested) and a third tier knighthood: Knight Commander of the Order of the Arrow. That ship turned out to be a five thousand ton re-purposed destroyer hull, converted into a TL 15-16 Paladin Class Rift Courier called the Errant Cavalier.

The Ship made the trip back across the Great Rift to Zaibon, where the Rogues originated in the first place.

The crew of he Errant Cavalier consist of 51 humans (?), and 13 androids.

Captain/Pilot: Captain Sir Samuel “Good Time” Vibes, KCA, CUG
First Officer/Comms Officer: “Major” Sir Khalil Clotilda, CUG
Chief Steward: Sir Tink Tink, CUG
Chief Engineer: Lt Teatree Lemon
Chief Astrogator: HInwa Rogueschild
2nd Astrogator: Senior Warrant Officer, Straw Rats
Security Chief: “Major” Jannesson Margrave
Ensign Patriot D Lopment
Gunnery Sergeant: …
Intelligence Rating: Crewman Adraline
Able ShiphandSunny Slopes
+ ~38 others

Android Bartender: Julia
Android Crew: Simon 1 through Simon 12

Disappearance of Lord Fermi
POTS depart...

On 230 of the year 1114 of the (now shattered) Third Imperium of Man, Fermi led his POTS to rescue the immortal Calitha from the Oard at the end of time. As he departed, the gates suddenly closed from Fogport to both The Time Fortress / Timestream and to Pandius / the Wolfwood. Lord Vog and his Circle of Fogport have been unable to re-open either. Speculation on what this means for the fate of Lord Fermi and company is rampant.

POTS Adventures
Adventures thus far...


in 1114 Lord Fermi Meat Redshirt Trane founded the Protectors of the Time Stream (POTS) as a branch of Roguhu’s Rogues (a.k.a. The Zaibon Huscarls) in association with the First Usdiki Rangers (Fermi’s Roughnecks) and the Third Imperial Uzdiki Fleet. The foundation of this force was prompted by negotiations and interactions with Khoronous, Supreme Hierarch of the Sphere of Time, within the Hierarchy of the Spheres. Khoronous has tasked them with rescuing one of his celestials (Calitha Starbrow) from beyond the Oard Timewall.

The POTS are headquartered in “the Time Fortress,” a facility located within the timestream itself. The facility was discovered at the end of the team’s first expedition into the timestream, using the time-disk Fermi received from Khoronos. After encountering the strange mansion of the d’Ambreville family of wizards and freeing their prince from death (?!), Fermi and crew discovered a technological facility within the timestsream, abandoned except for a single malfunctioning Oard. Fermi used his time-disk to open a portal to Fogport from the facility and Lord Vog used his dimensional manipulation talent (along with his own magical skills) to hold the gate open permanently, anchoring the newly dubbed Time Fortress to the Munnarn Highport.

Within the timestream, the POTS have scouted the “Time Wall” built by the Oard, and captured one of the time-travelling cyborg vessels. The vessel is being refit for use sneaking through the Time Wall for the rescue mission.

Before rescuing any “princesses” however, the POTS have sent an expedition back into the past in an effort to prevent Dr. Xi Nitar from producing the Virus that was decimating the known galaxy in their time.

Originally returning to 1109, and to the planet Penkwhar, Fermi and crew fought a victorious, but very costly, battle with the Penkwhar Penal Colony. After a number of adventures in this timeline, the POTS jumped back again to just before their own arrival, where they carefully warned themselves not to tangle with the Prison Colony. When they next tried to time-jump, they found themselves apparently overwriting their own timeline, and still in possession of the personnel and vessels they lost in the prison battle.

They jumped from there further back to 1108, where they tried (with no apparent success) to warn the Warden of the Penkwhar Penal Colony that they were going to be attacked and replaced by Dr. Nitar clones. When this failed they did another series of jumps, to determine when and where the Xi’s ship would be coming out of jump… then back to redirect asteroids into a collision course with their exit point.

After successfully preventing the Xi from establishing themselves at the prison on Penkwhar, Fermi declared that those involved on this mission should be rewarded with a month of vacation at a nice vacation destination here in the past.

Without sufficient jump-capable ships, the team had to purchace passage on a heavy freighter to take the two week trip to Tenalphi… where their “incorrect” transponder data and wrongly dated (in the future!) documentation (not to mention their heavy military gear) got them detained by Tenalphi security… and then Imperial Naval Intelligence.

Fermi managed to eventually talk his way out of this without giving away too much info about the future… but then was caught in an Oard ambush on the main promenade of Tenalphi High. This resulted in the utter destruction (by fusion gun fire) of one business on the promenade… and substantial damage to half-a-dozen others.

Resulting in he and his team once again being in Imperial custody on Tenalphi Highport in the year 1108.

Prince Orkin and Princess Lydia Vanish
Mysterious serpent-tentacles erupt from starship deck.

Imperial News Service of Munnarn : 1114-096

Prince Orkincalled a meeting of his higher-ranking officers in his audience chamber aboard the ISN Judgment this morning. According to witnesses, after delivering a short speech to his followers, Prince Orkin vanished in a mass of writhing tentacles. Princess Lydia, his wife, also apparently vanished amid the mysterious tentacles, which seem to have appeared on no other part of the ship.

Prince Orkin appears to have divided up much of his wealth and possessions among his followers in the speech before his disappearance, indicating to many that his fate was expected.

According to the Nag-Sai Master Aelis Min Honin, Prince Orkin was taken by the Sisters to become one of the “Perfected” beings who serve the snake cult in one capacity or another, and who are worthy of veneration by the followers of the cult.

Though he divided up his wealth and possessions amongst his closest followers, his disappearance left a power vacuum, with no clear lines of succession to any of the various titles, roles, and positions he held in his person.

Grudge-Matches, Time-Stream Expeditions, and Nuking Spiders (oh My!)
Time is Like an Onion / The Chateau d'Ambreville

Loup Strikes Back…

Lord Fermi decided to try out the Doctrine of Aki clone of himself, attempting the transfer his consciousness from one body to the other. The experiment was apparently successful, in that Fermi got up off the table in his clone body… however, Loup the Black appeared as soon as he did so, in the form of an oversized fist composed of billowing black smoke or fog. The smoky fist destroyed the clone body so fully that Lord Fermi had to be reinstalled into his original body from a backup.

Loup stuck around, however, in the form of a large black-furred Vargr, to assist with cybernetic upgrades he insisted Fermi receive. He replaced Fermi’s entire skeletal structure with a mysterious metal alloy, and transferred the enchantments on his claws to a new set of extendable 12 inch blades.

Loup visited Fermi as he recovered from the upgrades, to inform him that he was “trusted to watch this end” of the passageway to Pandius and the Wolfwood, though he also mentioned that he would be installing more security at his “door.”

A French Chateau and a Time Fortresses…

After being “repaired” by Loup the Black, Lord Fermi decided that, rather than fighting more spiders, he wanted to take the plunge and use Khoronos’ time-gate-disk to open a portal and make a fist expedition into the Time-Stream.

He gathered a team and took the “special” scout ship through the portal he opened. The team ended up including Prince Orkin, Lord Fermi, The Golden Apple, Sir Tink-Tink, Samuel Vibes, and Sir Emmett (among an overstrength crew of others and a frozen watch).

They entered the iridescent blue of the Time-Stream in the scout ship, only to be “impacted” by an apparent object… which turned out to be the cursed Chateau d’Ambreville, unmoored and adrift in time.

Finding themselves trapped in a strange pocket-dimension occupied by the expansive house, the Rogues found themselves with no option but to explore. Dining with ghosts and dealing with addled guests of the chateau, they met various members of the usually mad and magic-using d’Ambreville family. Whether betting on boxing matches with robots, burying people alive under the cobblestones, or leading horseback hunting parties through the house’s arborium , the d’Ambrevilles all appeared to be outrageous and insane.

An elf-woman who claimed to be a dragon and a less-insane-than-the-rest d’Ambreville sister who had been repeatedly buried alive by her brother aided them on their way to discovering the tomb of Prince Ettienne d’Ambreville, in the crypts under the family chapel built in mockery of religion and divinity.

By sorting out the riddle of how to break Ettienne’s curse on his chateau and family Tink, Fermi, Orkin, and Samuel manage to bring the Wizard-Prince back from the dead, and free the ghosts of the house from imprisonment within the Time-Stream.

The Wizard informed them that he had imprisoned his family in an insanity-producing pocket-dimension outside of time. After thanking them for releasing him, he informs them that he is headed back to the Republic of Glantri on the planet Mystara, to put his life back in order. He opens a gateway for them, back into the time stream, and then he vanishes.

Fermi dismisses him as “a mediocre time-mage” and the crew proceed to explore the flows and channels of the Time-Stream for a few days, before discovering a facility built by an unknown source (maybe Blackmoor?) inhabited only by one, mostly malfunctioning, Oard. The Oard provides little information, and Prince Orkin uses his Serpent-Blade to cut it to pieces.

After scouting out the facility some more, the crew decide to inhabit this as their Time Fortress. They first, however, return to their own time and place, in Munnarn.

Quicksilver Spider-Ships with Disintegrators…

Back in Munnarn, Lord Fermi responds to a heavy pocket of resistance in the Fog with more partical-beam spinal-mount fire through a gatway produced by Lord Vog. After the spinal-fire, a small force was sent through the gate to survey. Contact was lost immediately and no part of the force ever returned.

The Judgement retreated back to Fog-Port where Lord Fermi called a tactical meeting. The assembled tactitions determined, with Lord Fermi’s authorization, to enclose the hot-spot with a globe of missile-bearing vessels and bombard it with the 3rd Fleets entire nuclear-warhead arsenal.

The maneuver was carried out, and the facility at the center of the area was obliterated. However, a number of surrounding vessels managed to escape the holocaust and engage the forces of the 3rd Fleet.
They spiders were using a previously unobserved “Quicksilver Spidership” which appeared to be equipped with both energy shields of some sort and invisible beam weapons that disintegrated holes right through the Imperial ships.

Ten Imperial craft were lost in the engagement, but the nest of spiders appears to have been eliminated, and parts of seventeen spider vessels were recovered. The spider-ship remains were handed over to Sir Tink-Tink to be studied in his labs on Fog Island Fortress.


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