Roguhu’s Rogues / “The Zaibon Huscarls” / “Orkin’s Rogues” / “Rogues Expeditionary Force One” are a brigade of privateer huscarls serving (indirectly now) the cybernetics-doctor/roboticist, Doctor Edax Roguhu, the First Baron Zaibon. Of late, they have been more directly serving under the Emperor Strephon himself, newly revealed to still be alive.

Vessels currently serving with Rogues Expeditionary Force One include:

The Matron Gadgetron – a 600 ton “Q-Yacht”/Corsair: Commanded by: Captain Ohla Gadgetron’ka

CNS Odin- a 75,000 ton former Azhanti High Lightning Class Fleet Intruder that over its hundred plus year life was scrapped by the Imperial Navy after serving decades as a fuel tanker. Now refit as an Escort Tender. Commanded by: Lieutenant-Commander Fermi Meat Redshirt Trane

The CNS Frey Bug – A 2,000 ton Modular Freighter which Orkin has configured as a Heavy Frigate/Light Destroyer. Commanded by Captain Guezk’h and crewed by his Vargr pack.

The IMOJ Perfected Blade – 1,000 ton “Inquisatorial Cruiser,” captured from the Impenetrable Kinship and renamed. Commanded by Captain Sir Veinte Uno “Vud” Diablo Masterson IV, KDS, FA, MCG (x2), a Master of the Nag-Sai Order.

The Judgement – A 253,000 Ton Rift-Tender. The new flagship of Sir Orkin’s fleet. Commanded by Commodore Sir Orkin Sidewayes McClain, KDS, FA, SEH, MCG. Usually piloted by Samel Vibes, Commodoer McClain’s personal pilot.

The CNS Bevis – A 600 (?) Ton, Kitsune Scout Courier. Commanded by Sir Tink Tink


Four Roguhu Industries Heavy Battle Platforms

Roguhu's Rogues

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