Zaibon Starport and Startown

Technically the primary starport for the Zaibon System. Though visitors in the know often head for Doctors Rock these days.

Nestled inside a series of three hollowed out “warrens” in a large asteroid, these facilities were built to handle the traffic of the copper boom and most of the space has been abandoned for centuries. The small portions of the complex that are still in use are all in the First Warren, near the Starport proper.

Sternmetal Horizons maintains a small office here, though their (once controlling) interest in the system dwindled along with the stream of copper.

Rumors of pirate activity and worse have been confirmed from time to time, operating out of the lower levels (Warrens 2 and 3) of the complex. The local Imperial Ministry of Colonization office makes a token effort to prevent access to the lower levels, but doesn’t have the manpower or resources to actually do so.

There is known to be at least one outcast Aslan “clan” in the lower levels, along with a handful of small squatter and outlaw colonies.

Zaibon Starport and Startown

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