Roguhu's Rogues

Huscarls Regiment and/or Imperial Corporation

Patron: Lord-Doctor Edax Roguhu, Baron Zaibon
Headquarters : Roguhu Hold
Additional holdings in Doctors Rock neighborhood.

Current Members include:

Commodore Sir Orkin Sideways McClain, CDS; Captain of the CNS Odin, Commadore of the Rogues.
Captain Veinte Uno “Vud” Diablo Masterson IV – Captain of the IMOJ Perfected Blade.
Captain Khalil Clotilda – Strike team leader
Commander Anastasia Reiter; Executive officer of the Matron Gadgetron
Commander Ohla, “Cheiftain” of the Matron Gadgetron
Commander Darla
Commander Cyborgia, (Co-)Captain of the Argent Assurance
Lieutenant-Commander Liisa Simons-Mahore – Chief Astrogator for the CNS Odin, Interrum Captain of the Odin and Head of Rogue Operations in the Glisten System.
Lieutenant-Commander Fermi Meat Redshirt CO of the Vargr Platoon and Captian of the CNS Frey Bug
Agent-Captain Aelis Min Honin – CO of the IMOJ Perfected Blade
Tink Tink – Chief of Rectuitment
Rogue Platform Pilot Masterson – Battle Platform Pilot
Eddie “One-Eye”/“The Bastard” Gadgetron – One of Olah’s tribe/crew/
and more…

DOOer Emeria SovantCEO of the Special Research Division and Director of Operations of Roguhu Hold
G-Man; Emeria Sovant’s lawyer and accountant.

Former/Late Members:
Major Ix Artin
Commander James Elmo “Jelmo” Devine
Lamda Tree
Pollo Diablo III
Commander Sir Richardi Holland, CDS
Vesta Jones
Commodore Sir Doctor Xi Nitar, CDS

Roguhu's Rogues

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