Roguhu Industries Heavy Battle Platform

Roguhu Industries, Heavy Battle Platform (with “Intuitive Interface”™ technology)

TL 16
Skill: [non-standard] Battledress (usable untrained, with -3 to to many tasks)
Agility +2
Speed (running) 210kmph, Range 750km (3.5 hours at top speed) (130.5mph/466 miles)
Cruising speed: 178kph, Range 1,125km (~6 hrs) (110.6mph/699 miles)
Speed (grav): 500kmph Range 2,500km (5 hours at top speed) (310.7mph /1553.4 miles)
Cruising speed: 375kmph Range 3,750km (10 hours) (233mph/ 2330.1miles)
Crew: 1 pilot
Cargo: –
Open: No
Hull: 9 Structure: 9
Cost: 11,241,000 cr (to produce)
Shipping Size: 41 tons
Height: 13.5 meters (44.3ft)

Fusion Plant
Vaccume Environment protection
Short Term Life Support
(1 day, 4 if stretched to max)
Manipulator Arms (x2)
Str:24 Dex: Pilot’s score +4


Comms: Encrypted tightbeam meason


30 (bonded superdense)


Fusion Z Gun No Auto, 28d6 dmg, Range: Distant.
(sprouts out of extended right arm) (improved fire control: +4)

VRF Gauss Gun Auto: 12, 5d6 AP dmg (ignore 5 pts of armor) range: distant, Ammo/space: 20,000
(Mounted in left wrist) (improved fire control: 4)
Ammunition: 20,000 rounds (Singe Shot (1 round) 5d6 AP)
(Burst Fire (12 rounds) 5d6
12 AP)
(Full Auto (36 rounds) Roll 12d6, sort into 6 attacks @ 5d6 AP.
Can attack up to 6 targets within 6 meters of each other.
Weapons skills above 1 don’t apply (2+=1).

Roguhu Industries Heavy Battle Platform

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