Listing of Organizations

Roguhu’s Rogues / The Special Research Division
Imperial Naval Intelligence (NI)
Office of Naval Information (ONI) – Grand Admiral Santanocheev’s “replacement” for NI
The Third Imperium of Man
The Stonewall
“The Collective” of Red Sky Station
The Combined Directorate of Quiru
- Mercenary Comany that took over the planetary gov. Now legitimated by the Imperium as the legitimate government of Quiru.
The Zhodani Consulate
The Avalar Consulate – former Zhodani client-state. Neutral during the Fifth Frontier War
The Sword Worlds Confederation [defunct] – Ended with the Fifth Frontier War
The Gram Dominate (Swordworlders)
The Narsil Accord (Swordworlders)
The Borderworlds (Swordworlders)
The Darrian Confederation
The Federation of Arden – a new state carved out between the Imperium and Consulate
The Lords of Algine and Rethe [Vargr]
The County of Enope [Vargr]
The 40th Squadron [Vargr]
The Admiralty Council of Five Sisters
The Imperial Navy of the Spinward Marches
Imperial Interstellar Scout Service
Grand Combined Army of the Third Imperium
Aslan Heirate [Aslan]

  • Ahroay’if Clan

On Trane
The Hublersberg Government

  • The Development Committee
  • The Democratic Assembly of Trane
    The Uprising for a Democratic Trane
    The Athenian Democracy of Wardn
    The Town of Industry
    The Defense Producers’ Combine
  • The Technocratic Protectorate of Siren
  • The Industrial Commune of Melrose

Orders of Knighthood:
Order of the Starship and Crown
Honorable Order of the Emperor’s Guard
Order of the Arrow
Order of Drifting Stone
Order of the Iridium Throne
Order of the Third Imperium

Roguhu Industries
Copperhead Industries
Al Morai
Ling Standard Products (LSP)
Sternmetal Horizons
Tukera Lines
Hortalez et Cie
Mainlines, LRC
Borderlines Shipping
Iyarl Ahkha’Re (Company of Grandmotherly Kindness) [Aslan]
Tyeyo Fteahrao Yolr (Tyeyo Dust-Spice Importers) [Aslan]
Soikhi [Aslan]
Kitsune Shipyards
Jump Drones, Inc
Oberlindes Lines

Listing of Organizations

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