Debarre / Darrian (Spinward Marches 0830)
Allegiance: Client state, Third Imperium (CsIm)

M2 V
2 Gas Giants — 2 Planetoid Belts — 10 Other Worlds

Universal World Profile: B 8 5 4 1 2 3 – 9

Starport (Good) Technology Level (Anti-Gravity)
Size (12,800km) Law Level (Machine guns, automatic rifles prohibited)
Atmosphere (Thin) Government Type (Participating Democracy)
Hydrosphere (40%) Population (Tens)
Importance {Ix}: { 0 }
Economics (Ex): ( 7 1 1 −3 )
Resources (7) Efficiency (−3)
Labor (1) Infrastructure (1)
Culture [Cx]: [ 1 1 2 6 ]
Homogeneity (1) Symbols (6)
Acceptance (1) Strangeness (2)
Total Population: 8 × 101 = 80
Remarks: Lo Low Population
Travel Zone: No Restrictions
Travellers’ Aid Society Rating: Green

Jump-2 Neighborhood
Name Hex UWP B Remarks Z PBG A Stellar
Ator 0729 D426258-7 Lo An 821 NaHu F7 V M2 V
Debarre 0830 B854123-9 Lo 822 CsIm M2 V
Flammarion 0930 A623514-B NW Ni Po 710 ImDd F8 V
Ralhe 0731 E424574-8 Ni 801 NaHu M2 V M3 V
Asteltine 0931 B7A7402-A Fl Ni 210 NaHu K7 V M3 V
567-908 1031 E532000-0 Ba Po (Shriekers) 010 NaXX G5 V M9 V
Iderati 0732 A887798-C N Ag Ga Ri Cp 201 ImDd G9 V

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Owned and Ruled by the Baroness Sillia Harrison, likewise owner and Executive of the Harrisons Corporation.

The vast majority of the planet is designated by Treaty as protected hunting preserves. No high-technology, no energy or military weapons, no robots or cybernetics. The exceptions to this rule are the Harrisons resort town,The Consortium Lodge and pockets of inhabited and “civilized” estates. All of these technically belong to the Baroness, but are held by assorted “Landholders,” who may set law within and develop their own Holdings as they see fit.

The largest power block on the planet, after the Harrisons themselves, are the Aslan Tribes. A number of Iheaiti settlements over the previous few decades has led to an Aslan poplulation on Debarre that probably outnumbers the Humans. Divided into three quarreling minor Clans, their potential threat to the Harrisons were broken in the series of battles following the Nuclear Bombardments of 1105 (referred to by Locals as either the Bombing Wars, or the Aslan Wars).

Commander Cyborgia, of Roguhu’s Rogues, is one of the Debarrian Landholders. Though she is prohibited by law from setting foot on most of the planet (as a cyborg), she is generally popular and well received at the Consortium Lodge.

In Mid 1111, the Rogues spent a few months of shore-leave on Debarre. The best remembered part of their visit was the “Cultural Exchange” event thrown by the Vargr Rogues. It primarily consisted of a tournament of one-on-one tooth and claw combat. The best remembered spectacle of the event, still talked about, is the upset faced by Lieutenant-Commander Fermi Meat Redshirt , who lost a carefully arranged fight with his own (overly popular) executive officer; thereby losing command of his own ship to his subordinate. Many Debarrian locals tell the tale of that fight as a cautionary tale about the nature of Vargr, ususally with a punchline suggesting that the Vargr are better off as menials than officers.


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