Condaria System

(Spinward Marches 0528)
Allegiance: Non-Aligned, Human-dominated (NaHu)

K3 V M0 V
1 Gas Giants — 0 Planetoid Belts — 10 Other Worlds

Universal World Profile: E 5 4 7 7 9 B – 5

Starport (Frontier Installation) Technology Level (Mass Production)
Size (8,000km) Law Level (Rigid control of civilian movement)
Atmosphere (Thin; Tainted) Government Type (Impersonal Bureaucracy)
Hydrosphere (70%) Population (Tens of millions)
Importance {Ix}: { −1 }
Economics (Ex): ( 9 6 6 +1)
Resources (9) Efficiency ( +1 )
Labor (6) Infrastructure (6)
Culture [Cx]: [ 9 6 7 7 ]
Homogeneity (9) Symbols (7)
Acceptance (6) Strangeness (7)
Total Population: 9 × 107 = 90,000,000
Remarks: Ag Agricultural Pi Pre-Industrial Pz Puzzle
Travel Zone: Caution
Travellers’ Aid Society Rating: Amber

Jump-2 Neighborhood
Condaria_jumpmap.pngCondaria / Darrian
Name Hex UWP B Remarks Z PBG A Stellar
Ilium 0426 B544831-9 KM Pa Ph Pi DaryW 401 DaCf G3 V M8 V
Rorre 0526 D765657-3 Ag Ni Ga Ri DaryW 103 DaCf F4 V M2 V
Roget 0427 B566777-9 Ag Ri Asla6 Dary3 420 DaCf F8 V M3 V
MIRE 0527 A665A95-C KM Hi Ga Cx Dary8 Asla1 110 DaCf K6 V
DARRIAN 0627 A463955-G Hi An Pr (Daryen)8 Asla0 225 DaCf G1 V D
Spume 0727 C540200-A M De He Lo Po DaryW 434 DaCf M2 V
Condaria 0528 E54779B-5 Ag Pi Pz A 901 NaHu K3 V M0 V
Kardin 0429 E553123-6 Lo Po An 410 NaHu F7 V
Ator 0729 D426258-7 Lo An 821 NaHu F7 V M2 V
Dorannia 0530 E42158A-8 He Ni Po 510 NaHu K4 V

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The Rogues found one of the bases of the Silent Silver Pirates (AI ships spawned fromTrogdor, an Instance of Dr Roguhu, or some possible combination thereof) in the outer reaches of the Condaria System. The locals, luddite isolationists, didn’t much care one way or another, as long as they left them alone.

Sir Orkin, however, after destroying the pirates, recontacted the planet to try to sell salvage (or any of the other contents of his now overfull holds. He spoke with the Buumi of Plains, who wanted to buy much of what he had for sale. She was confined to a grav-chair, and had come to find her planetary government’s ban on technology import too restrictive to adhere to any longer.

After conducting this trade, Commodore McClain was contacted by a “secret” Darrian Special Arm Agent on the planet who had noticed his “friend of the Special Arm” beacon. The Agent informed Orkin of a rift in the ocean floor of the planet that had already spewed out one Kraken-like monster. Drones sent to investigate simply stopped reporting. All but one of the team of pro-fors commandos sent after them likewise failed to return. The one who did was mad. He kept raving about “the devils from the Princesses little storybook.”

After intense deliberation, Orkin suggested that the Agent go back home to MIRE and suggest star triggering the Condarian star. The stunned agent packed up and headed home as suggested. (Soon to be followed by Orkin and Comany.)

The Special Arm opted instead to seal the rift in the ocean with more conventional orbital bombardment. If something burrows its way up through that many tons of stone they will increase firepower. There was far from enough evidence of a credible threat to justify possibly destroying the Darrian civilization a second time.

Much of Condaria was largely unaffected, though some regions near the bombardment were devastated by the action. One of these was the Plains region, and the Buumi is now a displaced noblewoman with a much diminished (and largely star-faring) constituency.

Condaria System

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