CNS Odin

The CNS Odin is a 75,000 ton Escort Tender in the possession of the Rogue Expeditionary Force One, under the Command of Commander Darla

The Odin has four hanger bays capable of handling small-medium sized adventure class ships, a ventral docking spine with three 400 ton Refueling Craft (and room for a few more), a great “excess” of fuel space, and a large number of laser turrets and meson cannons.
The Central Tower of the vessel is a constant zero-g environment, with atmosphere. It is used for movement between the levels of the ship, zero-g training, recreation, and (increasingly) small habitations and independent businesses (like stills/bars and gambling dens).

For most of its well over a century-long service, the vessel was known as The Dolorous Hauberk. It was built as an Azhanti High LIghtning Class Fleet Intruder for the Imperial Navy of the Third Imperium of Man. After the Solomani Rim Wars, the Hauberk was converted to a fuel tanker. She was stripped of her major guns and fighter decks and transferred to the Fleet Auxiliary.

After eighty years of service in that capacity the vessel was deemed to have served its useful service life and was sold off to the Count of Roup to be refit as, essentially, a very well-armed yacht. This plan never quite came to fruition however, and the partially-modified old hull lay vacant in the outer Roup system for a generation, until the Old Counts granddaughter inherited both the title and the moth-balled ship.

The Countess Ivanna hault Bartoni Gerasimov instructed her husband, the Lord Terrance Scuttos, to see to the ships completion and outfitting… and then to find her a privateer crew to put it to use in Grand Admiral Santanocheev’s Vargr War.

He found Sir Orkin Sideways McClain, CDS, then Captain of a collection of moderate sized adventure class ships refueling at the Roup Highport. The vessels and crew appeared to be operating as small-time privateers already (despite claims to be Imperial Huscarl’s to a rimward baron).

Lord Scuttos offered Sir Orkin the vessel and associated contract under added duress however. While the Countess was away, the planet lost contact with the out-system berth at which both the Hauberk and a modular Freighter belonging to Lord Sergi hault Oberlindes were docked. Lord Scuttos offered the Rouge Knight the Countesses privateering deal in return for investigating and resolving whatever the problem might be. The Knight accepted.

Part of the deal involved the presence of a company of Ithklur Commandos and their (largely human) conscripted-convict “recruits”. The Ithiklur were sworn to the person of The Countess Ivanna, but by her Order attached to the “Command Carrier” the Dolorous Hauberk; which would now be under the command of Sir Orkin.

The Rogues found the outsystem berth, and the two docked ships, overrun by what appeared to be escaped slaves. Commander Sir “Vud” Masterson IV, CDS teleported himself onto the command bridge of the Hauberk and told those there that the ship belonged to the Rogues now… and that they could either resist this or profit from this. Through him, Captain Orkin offered them both their freedom and a lucrative job as crew for the vessel. Most agreed.

The slaves had come from the modular containers carried by the Oberlindes Lines modular Freighter. The crew of the ship had apparently turned to slave trading (an Imperial High Offense) rather than the safer routes Lord Sergi had instructed them to work. Said crew were already dead, so no sentence needed served, and both ships docked at the berth were given a skeleton crew of mostly completely untrained crew. The Freighter (The Lego Lord) was dropped off at an in-system Oberlindes facility before Lord Sergi offered the Ship to Sir Orkin for saving him the embarrassment of this slaver-crew in a quite way (especially one not involving the bureaucracy of the Imperial Ministry of Justice or the Naval High Courts.)

The Countess Ivanna, now returned from Regina the Grand Admiral’s current seat, permitted Sir Orkin to return to Zaibon to be properly refit before reporting to the Front.

In the Condaria System, a year and a half later (nowhere near the Vargr War), now Commodore Sir Orkin Sideways McClain, CDS changed the name of the vessel to the CNS Odin to commemorate the vessels decisive victory over the Silent Silver Pirates.

The end of 1111 finds the CNS Odin berthed at the Blisten Yards in the Pulvis Belt of the Glisten System for annual maintenance and updates. Commodore Sir Orkin Sideways McClain is in talks with naval architects from both the local Subsector Naval Headquarters and Blisten Yards itself about the construction of a prototype Battle Tender to supercede the Odin as Rogues One Flagship

In early 1112, during construction of the new Rogues’ flagship at Blisten Yards in Glisten/Glisten, Command of the Odin was transferred to Commander Darla, under the direction of Fleet Captain Fermi Meat Redshirt Trane.

CNS Odin

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