Argent Assurance

Formerly known as the Kinunir, and later as the Dauntilus. The Argent Assurance is the current name of a vessel that was first constructed as a colonial cruiser by the Imperial Navy and installed with an experimental artificial intelligence (Allie). After Allie was discovered by and joined the Rogues, she had herself removed from the ship and installed elsewhere. Her “child” Trogdor, (a joint experimental effort between herself andDoctor Roguhu) was installed in the ship, it was substantially upgraded (with Roguhu tech) and renamed, the “Dauntilus.”

Trogdor fled Zaibon during the Attack on Doctors Rock by Outworld Coalition forces, believing he had seen his mother (Allie) killed. She survived, but he never knew this. After fleeing, he apparently became a pirate known a “Silent Silver” in the region just rimward of the Darrain Confederation and the successor states to the old Sword World Confederation.
The Rogues managed to infiltrate Darla’s projection onto the ship when they encountered it in the outer Ator system, and disassemble the core of his computer… apparently killing him.
The ship has since been refit and renamed “the Argent Assurance” and installed with the surviving independent instance of Doctor Roguhu,Doctor Roj Hauberk.

The vessel dissapeared on 195-1111 when it jumped with the rest of the Rogue Expeditionary Force One from Debarre, headed for the Condaria System.
It simply never arrived.

In addition to Dr. Hauberk, Commander Cyborgia and the five Darrian Professors were aboard when she vanished.

Argent Assurance

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