Tag: Aslan


  • Helathwah

    His brother was in line to inherit the extensive lands of their glorious ancestors. Helathwah was given an Ihateisho scout ship and sent out to find his fortune. For a decade and a half (Imperial years) Helathwah and his wives scoured the backwater …

  • Ohla Gadgetron'ka

    Born as slaves to a minor Aslan clan in the Trojan Reaches, Ohla and her life-long friend [[:aufiy | Aufiy]] were given by the Clan-Chief as wives to a promising young Aslan male named Weaysusiyth, to serve as the crew on his small starship. When …

  • Aufiy Gadgetron

    Lifelong companion of [[:ohla-gadgetron-ka | Ohla Gadgetron'ka]]. Serves alongside her as the chief Astrogator for the [[Matron Gadgetron | Matron Gadgetron]]