Commodore Sir Zebulon Rickard, CDS, MCUF

A.K.A. "Zeeb Challenger"


Zeeb is a nephew of a Zaibon asteroid-slumlord who calls himself “Lord Rickard.” Despite (or maybe because of) being on the run from his uncle for most of his young-adulthood, he styled himself as “Sir Zeeb Challenger” for years…. until his patron and protector, Dr. Roguhu, became an honest-to-goodness Imperial Baron. He dropped the “Sir” at that point.

Ironically, in the service of Dr. Roguhu, Zeeb has managed to earn himself a legitimate Imperial Knighthood… but now feels a bit sheepish about using the title.

Knighthood: Companion of the Order of Drifting Stone
Decorations: Meritorius Conduct Under Fire(MCUF) medal, Combat Ribon (Defense of Drs Rock)
Rank: Systemn Defense Commodore of Doctors Rock


Commodore Sir Zebulon Rickard, CDS, MCUF

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