Liutenant Karron Lotharian Vestanbule

First officer of the IMJ Perfected Blade


(part) Darrian Human Male, mid-30s.

Lt Vestanbule is a telepathic soldier.
He can serve capably as an on-the-ground grunt, telepathic/in-person recon, small squad leadership (with clear direction), low-level infiltration with telepathic eves-dropping, etc…

He is a Second Order Initiate of Nag-Sai.

The Lieutenant is also the curator of the library and effects of his late commanding officer, Sir Richardi Holland.


Karron can’t remember a time before the Perfected Czardom. He grew up there, that’s all he knows. He has no family but the Czar and his adepts.

As an Exterior Agent of the Czardom, he has now served Roguhu’s Rogues for a few years. In the wake of Commander Richardi’s disappearance, Lt Cmdr Simons-Mahore promoted him, and initiated the rank of Lieutenant into the Rogues’ hierarchy. He served almost a year as the Executive Officer for Rogue Gazelle One.

When the Rogue Gazelle One was loaned to another branch of the Rogues, he focused his time on serving the Rogue branch of the Nag Sai Order, usually Aelis Min Honin and/or Darla.

Now, aboard the IMJ Perfected Blade, Lt. Vestanbule once again serves as Executive Officer for a starship, this time as second to his Nag Sai patron Agent Aelis Min Honin.

Liutenant Karron Lotharian Vestanbule

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