Captain Sir Veinte Uno "Vud" Diablo Masterson IV, KDS, FA, MCG (x2)

A clone of Pollo and Unit 42.


A vat grown clone engineered by Unit 42, based on genetic material from himself and Pollo Diablo, using techniques pioneered by Doctor Masterson.

VUD (short for “Veite Uno Diablo”) was given to the Rogues by Unit 42 for “socialization.” (Most of which has turned out to be military or starship crew oriented.) He took to being a battle-platform pilot, when not serving as heavy grav-infantry, with his specially designed psionically enhanced battle-dress and a man portable fusion gun. More recently, after inheriting a major chunk of stocks in a company Pollo founded, Vud has devoted the vast majority of his time to the near-obsessive study of jump drone interference during jump-insertion.

VUD has demonstrated a wide array of psionic abilities, including the ability to teleport himself in full battle dress and to read and communicate with un-shielded minds.

He owns a small asteroid drifting near Doctors Rock, where he has constructed a private home that is only accessible via teleportation. He calls it “Bedrock.”

He also wears a ring designating that he is a friend and Ally of the Darrian Special Arm.

During the conflict between Doctor Roguhu and Copperhead Industries, VUD underwent major cosmetic reconstruction to appear Zhodani. This was done, along with a “memory upgrade” to teach him Zhodani language and habits, in order to assist with his being inserted undercover as a Zhodani Commando. The language and mannerisms have largely vanished from his mind, but he still wears the face and physical appearance of a Zhodani nobleman.

When Unit 42 turned against the Doctor and the Rogues, VUD was perhaps singlehandedly responsible for preventing his creator from conquering Doctors Rock in the name of the Outworld Coalition. Vud managed to convince 42 that he was on his side. Pleased that his “son” would prosper with him rather than having to be destroyed, Unit 42 gave VUD a functioning battle platform and instructed him to eliminate his former allies, who were some of the few people giving the Outworld Coalition forces any real trouble. The under-equipped and handicapped Rogues rallied around their platform-equipped colleague and managed to save the Doctor, and the day. He earned his first knighthood from this.

Served with “distinct gallantry” as a command-level officer and personal combatant in the Battle of Regina, in the Vargr War.

Mentioned twice in the Holiday list of 1111:
Inducted as a Frater in the Order of the Arrow for “… sensitive contact and exploration services.”
Promoted to full Knight of Drifting Stone for “… staunch heroics in support of the Imperium” at the Battle of Regina.

Promoted to Captain by Commodore Orkin McClain in mid 1111, during negotiations with the Darrian Confederation, Special Arm.

Vud declared himself the captain of the IMOJ Perfected Blade, after its previous captain Agent-Captain Aelis Min Honin went missing along with Vud’s personal inherited stealth ship on a mission ordered by Commodore McClain. Commodore McClain agreed to the transfer of rank without comment.

Knight of the Order of Drifting Stone (K.D.S.),
Frater of the Order of the Arrow (F.A.)
Medal for Conspicuous Galantry (MCG) x2: [Dctrs Rock FFW]. [Regina VW]
Combat Ribons: Defense of Drs Rock (FFW), Battle of Regina (VW)
Combat Command Ribbons: Battle of Regina (VW)
Captain in the Rogues
Captain (CO) of the Inquisitorial Cruiser IMOJ Perfected Blade
3rd Order Initiate and 2nd Order Master (probational) of the Nag-Sai and the Perfected Czardom.
Unofficial Nag Sai title: “the Teleporting Master”


Captain Sir Veinte Uno "Vud" Diablo Masterson IV, KDS, FA, MCG (x2)

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