Unit 42

Traitor, Former Chief of Security on Doctors Rock


Created in a laboratory on the planet Shirene, “Unit 42” was designed as a covert psionic counter-agent by the sector-wide transportation company Al Morai. Unit 42 (who at the time called himself “Skylar Al Moria”) escaped from Shirene with the help of an ex-Scout named Pollo Diablo and a former Al Morai covert agent named Luther Alphonse Zazben.

The trio ended up in a hidden, deep-space community known as the Drifters Commune, where they assisted a local gang to overthrow the local landlord who had been using a fuel monopoly to totally dominate the settlement. As part of this project, they stole an (already stolen) Imperial Stealth Scout Ship and fled to the Zaibon System (via Derchon).

In Zaibon their first priority was to find some black-market electronics expert to change the transponder on their “new” ship. They were directed to a new resident in the out-of-the-way Zaibon belt: Dr. Edax Roguhu.

Unit 42 was part of the Rogues’ effort to free the Clones on the Blue Moon from Doctor Masterson. He was integral to the capture of Doctor Masterson and his relegation to a ward of Dr. Roguhu on Doctors Rock.

When Jelmo left the Rogues to work directly for Doctor Roguhu, Unit 42 did likewise. While Jelmo became the Doctor’s “Chief Marine” (and thus the unofficial head of physical security), Unit 42 was named the official “Chief of Security” for Doctors Rock. His expertise in computers was only expanded by the extensive cybernetic upgrades he received (like the rest of the Rogues) at Doctor Roguhu’s hands. He also came out to the Doctor as a psion very early and began working with him on covert (and hightly illegal) psionocology research. He also began working very closely with Doctor Masterson on cloning technology, especially 1) psionic clones (like VUD), and 2) bio-mechanical “clone-robots”).

None of the Rogues, or the Doctor, noticed when 42 began colluding with the enemy. When he sat up and began operating his company, the Forty-Second Parallel, he almost immediately contacted and began infiltrating/politiking with Copperhead Industries. When he discovered that they were working with the psionic Zhodani he became even more enthusiastically involved.

Mid-morning of 340-1108 Unit 42 launched a well-crafted and highly tailored cyber attack on the entire defense and communication networks of Doctors Rock and all connected systems. This was timed to allow for Outworld Coalition forces carefully concealed nearby to to begin their assault. the Outworld forces consisted primarily of troops from Copperhead Industries, but were heavily supported in key roles by Swordworlder units and specialists, as well as a Zhodani unit including two squads of elite Zhodani Commandos.

Another turncoat, working with Unit 42, attempted to place a pocket nuke to destroy both the Rock’s armory and it’s marine/household guard contingent. This turncoat marine was caught in the act by his commander, “Jelmo” Devine, (as evidenced by surviving communications logs) and apparently triggered the device in a self-sacrificial act of defiance; succeeding in his mission at the cost of his own life.

Dr Roguhu was shot by a third turncoat (and would-be assassin) at brunch in his dining room as a cue for one squad of the Zhodani commandos to teleport in and secure his estate. Which they did.

The other squad of Zhodani commandos, with Swordworlder assistance, assaulted the nearby secret asteroid hanger-base of the artificial-intelligence Allie, who was disoriented and stunned by the cyber-attack. Trogdor, now inhabiting the highly-modified (2000+ (?) ton) starship hull that used to be the Kinunir, shot his way out of the asteroid and fled when he saw his “mother,” Allie’s, CPU being dismantled by Zhodani.

Unit 42’s take-over of Doctors Rock likely would have succeeded without the intervention of Roguhu’s Rogues (the very unit that Unit 42 was once a part of).

Orkin ran into 42 on the highport of Wardn on his way home to Zaibon from a misjump. 42 planted some mental suggestions in Orkin and left him and his henchmen to likely die on an abandoned asteoroid base. They were rescued by Richardi thanks to the efforts of Anastasia Reiter, who took charge of Orkin’s ship when he didn’t return from the highport and went to Zaibon for help.

Based on clues left behind during his dealings in the Wardn system, the Rogues were able to track Unit 42 down to a secret psionic cult hidden in the outer Harvosette System. Unfortunately for Unit 42, the powerful entities venerated by the cult, The Sisters wanted to “touch” Okin… and they were both willing and able to turn over Unit 42 to the Rogues in return for the opportunity.

Unit 42 is now a very, very, very, high-security prisoner of Baron Doctor Edex Roguhu.

Unit 42

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