Sir Tink Tink, CUG

Head of Recruiting for the Rogues


Tink Tink looks mostly like a typical solomani-descended human, with dirty blonde hair and pale skin; but the prehensile, metallic, tentacle-like tail sometimes draws attention. It also makes finding comfortable chairs a bit more challenging.

Ranks, Titles and Awards:
Knighthood: Companion of the Honorable Order of the Imperial Usdiki Guard
Captain (CO) of the CNS Bevis (Scout Ship)
Chief of Recruiting for the Rogues


A former slave, taken from his low-tech home on Beck’s World. Tink Tink was liberated by the Rogues along with many others in the outer Roup system shortly after the Battle of Regina. Since that time, he has largely served as a steward, rising through the ranks to become one of the trusted associates of the shadowy Master Elshir. With Elshir’s death during the chaos in Glisten of early 1112, Tink Tink became a prominent member of the crews stewards.
After providing valuable insights during the mission to Aki, Tink Tink was named Commodore Orkin’s personal steward.

In the MIthras System, while taking on prisoners for transfer, Tink Tink was promoted by Commodore Orkin to Head of Recruiting.

Commodore Orkin gave Tink Tink the magic bracer that allows command of the Golden Apple. Once a slave, now he has a slave (as he likes to remind people).

At some point Tink Tink challenged Lord Fermi to a fight. Fermi ripped off Tink Tink’s cyborg tail and beat him with it. Tink Tink hasn’t challenged anybody to duels since then.

Sir Tink Tink was knighted by Emperor Strephon on Usdiki in 1113, for his assistance in establishing Strephon there on the planet after the assassination of his clone-double by Arch-Duke Dulinor Astrin Ilethian.

The former slave now socializes with the Emperor and high-nobility, as well as all sorts of strange and exotic aliens.

Sir Tink Tink, CUG

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