The Sisters

Mysterious serpent-like entities


Powerful serpent-like entities worshiped by a secret psionic cult (the Perfected Czardom) hidden on a supposedly uninhabited planet in the Harvosette System.


The Rogues encountered the Sisters during their hunt for Unit 42, who had managed to infiltrate the Perfected Czardom.

Orkin, Xi, andVud met the Sisters (were “touched” by them). The Sisters tasked them with destroying the Bladed One in order to keep its master and his brothers from coming out of their millennia of hiding. To assist with this goal, they were given a number of “magical” gifts and loaned a trio of adepts from the Czardom’s second rank.

The Czar (on order of the Sisters) also gifted the Rogues with the incapacitated body of their enemy, Unit 42.

The Sisters

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