Lieutenant Sir Emmett "Spider Killer" Brown, CUG, CWS

Psionic Marine/Ranger and officer of Fermi's Roughnecks


A big, pale skinned man, who likes to shave most of his black hair… except for a little patch on the forehead.


Emmett Brown was born in 1086, the son of a local barbarian chieftain on the low-tech planet Algine. Trained as a noble shaman, he was kidnapped by space pirates during a raid and sold into slavery.

He was liberated, along with many other slaves, by Roguhu’s Rogues in the outer Roup system in 1110. Emmett joined the Rogues and began training as a star marine. His shaman’s training came in useful when he was tested for psionic potential, and he has also joined the ranks of Rogue psions.

Emmet was made an officer of the Rogues and assisted the Rogues in bringing Emperor Strephon back to power on his vacation palace on Usdiki. For his services there, he was granted two knighthoods, one in the Order of the Honorable Usdiki Guard, and another in the newly (re)constituted psionic order of knighthood, the Order of the White Star.

Emmet was part of the escort to the planet Munnarn when the Rogues first faced the dimensional spider inavasion. Lieutenant Brown received the nickname “Spider Killer” when he opened up with his plasma gun during the event, both killing the first few waves of spiders and seriously irradiating most of the royal family and upper nobility of Munnarn.

When Emperor Strephon reorganized the Rogues on Holiday 1114, Lieutenant Brown became an officer of the Imperial Army, as a part of the 1st Usdiki Rangers, a.k.a. “Fermi’s Roughnecks.”

After taking serious injuries in the assault on the Munnarn Highport, Emmett was subjected to extensive cybernetic repairs and upgrades.

Lord Fermi has reassigned him to the Time Force. Sir Emmett is currently the ranking officer of the recruits assigned to the force.

Lieutenant Sir Emmett "Spider Killer" Brown, CUG, CWS

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