Professor Iaros Ujinka

Department of History, University of Regina


Professor Iaros Ujinka has been a member of the archaeology and history faculty at the University of Regina for nearly eighty years. She specializes in the civilization of the Ancients. She is a Heterogeneous Catastrophist, arguing that the long-vanished Ancient civilization was actually composed of multiple, sometimes competing, species and that the culture utterly destroyed itself in its cataclysmic Final War.


Ujinka was highly respected in the field until an incident in 1098.

There is an Ancient site on the planet Inthe, six parsecs anti-spinward of Regina. This site is officially a state secret, although its existence is common knowledge among researchers and tourists. Ujinka and several of her colleagues fought a high- profile legal battle with the Scout Service to have the Inthe site opened up to civilian researchers; the case dragged on for years until it was eventually resolved by Duke Norris himself, who sided with the Scouts. Relations between the University and the government were severely scarred by the whole affair, and Ujinka’s reputation suffered greatly.

There were even allegations that she helped thieves break into the Inthe site to steal buried artifacts.

According to the Regina news networks, she has been offworld on a research mission for three years. The University of Regina has several off-world dig sites related to the Ancients.

Professor Ujinka was killed in her living room on Regina by an assassin’s bullet. Her body was never discovered by the authorities, however, because the entire house was shortly thereafter “abducted” by a mysterious alien vessel.
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Professor Iaros Ujinka

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