Commodore Sir Orkin Sidewayes McClain, KDS, FA, SEH, MCG

Pirate Nobleman, Naval Officer, and Imperial War Hero


A pirate from Camelot City, turned Huscarl-Knight.

Full Knight of the Order of Drifting Stone (KDS)
Frater (Brother) of the Order of the Arrow (FA)
Medal for Conspicuous Gallantry (MCG) [Defense of Doctors Rock, Fifth Frontier War]
Starburst for Extreme Heroism (SEH) [Battle of Regina, Vargr War]
Combat Ribbons: Defense of Doctors Rock, Battle of Regina
Combat Command Ribbons: Battle of Regina
Commodore of the Glisten Subsector Navy
Commodore in the Rogues, Commanding Officer of Rogue Expeditionary Force One,
co-leader of the Rogues / Special Research Division with DOOer Emeria Sovant

Commadore McClain is also considered a “Master” of the Nag Sai Order (2nd Order Master, 3rd Order Initiate). Some Nag Sai have begun to refer to him as “the Null Master,” since he is the only known Nag Sai Master who is not a Psion, but is in fact an anti-psi (invisible and untouchable to telepathy).


Orkin ran away from the McClain family farm, on the outskirts of Camelot City on Caladbolg, at age seventeen. He joined a sketchy tramp freighter crew and left Caladbolg for the stars. He went from there to a succession of other (usually much more blatantly) pirate crews.

He started working for Dr. Roguhu as one of his “Rogues” only a few years before the Doctor was named Imperial High Baron of the Zaibon System.

Orkin was knighted and received the Medal for Conspicuous Gallantry as a result of his single-handed, unarmed, attack (from imprisonment himself) on the three armed Zhodhani who were overseeing the prisoners (including his injured patron). He killed two of the three, causing enough of a distraction thatVud, Xi, and Richardi were able to overcome the armored guards outside the rooms where the prisoners were being kept. This then served as a rallying point for the Rogues to lead a resistance against the Outworld Coalition assault.

As the second-most senior Rogue, Orkin was promoted to Captain, and given command of Rogue Expeditionary Force One, when Captain Nitar took on the role of a System Commodore and assumed a more direct role in local management and politics.

He gained a 60,000 ton escort tender (the Dolorous Hauberk) from Countess Ivanna hault Bartoni Gerasimov in return for promising to take it to the front of the Vargr War.

When Commodore Sir Dr. Nitar destroyed himselves, Captain Sir Orkin bacame one of two power-sharing leaders of the Rogues. Captain Orkin would be responsible for all “out of system” business, while DOOer Emeria Sovant would oversee Roguhu Hold and other “in-system” business.

Following re-fitting in Zaibon, the squadron / mini-fleet surrounding the CNS Odin spent most of 1111 fighting pirates in the spinward Darrain Subsector. In the process, becoming “Friends” of the Darrian Special Arm, the mysterious “secret service” branch of the Darrian Confederation’s government.

Midway through 1111, on while on shore leave on Mire, the Darrian capital, Captain McClain, as the leader of a growing squadron/fleet, promoted himself to Commodore, and advanced his senior officers accordingly.

Given Frater-hood in the Order of the Arrow for “sensitive contact and exploration work.” (Sponsor: Imperial Interstellar Scout Service, Regina Subsector)

Given a Starburst for Extreme Heroism and promoted to Full Knight in the Order of Drifting Stone for heroics in the Battle of Regina (Vargr War). (Sponsor: His Grace, Sebastian Santanocheev, Grand Admiral of the Spinward Marches)

Currently building an upgraded flagship in a joint military project with Blisten Yards and the Imperial Subsector Navy of Glisten, in the Pulvis Belt of the Glisten System.

Commodore Sir Orkin Sidewayes McClain, KDS, FA, SEH, MCG

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