Sir Ohla Gadgetron'ka, KCpUG, CH

Captain of the CNS Matron Gadgetron


Born as slaves to a minor Aslan clan in the Trojan Reaches, Ohla and her life-long friend Aufiy were given by the Clan-Chief as wives to a promising young Aslan male named Weaysusiyth, to serve as the crew on his small starship.
When Weaysusiyth was killed in a duel less than a year later, Ohla and Aufiy joined the small crew of a Vargr pirate named Anfaeng Ulkaea. Angaeng likewise died shortly thereafter, from a mysterious, alien psychosis-producing virus.
The pair of once again displaced Alsan females had learned far too many “male” skills and traits to ever return to proper Aslan society. Their increasingly cosmopolitan cultural experiences lead them coreward instead, moving between pirate crews toward the borderlands of the Human states of the Imperium and the Consulate.
In the Zaibon System the pair ended up in the employ of the pirate captain Orkin, serving aboard his newly refurbished Q-yacht the Matron Gadgetron (where she has served ever since, now as Captain).
When Captain Orkin was appointed as an officer of the local human baron’s Huscarl force (and even knighted for saving the Baron’s life), Ohla and Aufiy likewise became part of the Imperial establishment through service to the Baron Doctor Edax hault Roguhu, CEG.
As a member of Roguhu’s Rogues Ohla has frequently accompanied her Captain as a bodyguard/assistant. On the Wardn Highport she, Orkin and Ted, by themselves, ran across Unit 42, then the Rogues’ arch-enemy. Ohla managed to cut him across the chest with her dewclaw before he psionically subdued all three of them. They were stranded on an abandoned outsystem mining facility, where they would have died if not for the efforts of Anastasia Reiter (who had been left in charge of the Matron Gadgeton in their absence) to find them.
Years later, after the Fifth Frontier War, Orkin moved on to a bigger vessel, granting Commander Anastasia Reiter, “the Swordswoman of Thisbe,” command of the Gadgetron. Maybe a year into her command, the ship misjumped during a mission, separating the ship and her crew from Sir Orkin and the rest of the Rogues. Taking an opportunity he had apparently been preparing for, the first officer,the pirate Ted, (who felt slighted by Anastasia’s promotion past him) challenged Commander Reiter to a duel… and contrary to expectation, beat her. He claimed command of the vessel by pirate custom and declared his intention to resume their previous pirate life.
The crew initially followed him, but when Ted used his (no longer really legit) Imperial credentials to help a slave trader escape Imperial legal authorities… and even took a pair of young human girls as personal slaves as reward, Ohla (the former slave) could no longer accept his command.
Following his precedent, she challenged him to a duel. She suggested that to fight honorably it should be a dagger for him and simply a dew-claw for her. Ted laughed at her as he drew his broadsword…. so she shot him. Anastasia Reiter took custody of the two (formerly slave) young girls, but refused to resume command. By pirate custom, Ohla then took command of the Matron Gadgetron.
Her position was ratified by Captain Orkin when she re-unified the crew with their Rogue companions.
Ohla has chosen to view her command and crew through a somewhat warped version of Aslan clan organization. She is the Chieftain (feminine “ka”) of her small heterodox clan, the hodge-podge, misfit crew of the Matron Gadgetron.
In 1113, on the planet Hoilhapuli, Ohla was the first of the Rogues to discover the cryogeniclly preserved Emperor Strephon.. who had supposedly been assassinated on Capital. She brought him to the attention of Orkin and Fermi, who had him unthawed and secretly began working to bring the supposedly dead Emperor back to power.
Ohla was in command of the Gadgetron while the Rogues returned Emperor Strephon to his vacation palace on Usdiki, returning him to some semblance of Imperial power.
For her part in these events, and the ongoing efforts to return Strephon to rulership over the Third Imperium of Man, Olah recieved a pair of Knighthoods: Knight Captain of the Honorable Order of the Imperial Usdiki Guard, and Companion of Hlyuea (for loyal Aslan citizens of the Imperium).

Ohla was appointed to an advisory position (non-voting) on the Rogues Executive Committee.

Sir Ohla Gadgetron'ka, KCpUG, CH

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