Lieutenant-Commander Liisa Simons-Mahore, MCUF

Chief Astrogator for the CNS Odin


Imperial Human Female, Mid 30s

Chief Astrogator for the Rogues Expeditionary Force One, serving aboard the CNS Odin.
Former Commanding Officer of the Rogue Gazelle One.
Combat Command Ribbon, MCUF (Battle of Regina)


Simons-Mahore served twelve years as an astrogator in the Imperial Navy. Upon retirement, she spent three years trying to make a living as a small-craft solo-operator in the Lunion System. Her lack of interest in men kept the Lunion locals from ever taking her as a “legitimate” operator.

In 1108 she sold her ships boat, the “Leading Lady” in defeat.

She left Lunion on a work-fare for a free trader in sudden need of an astrogator. Only two years later she finds herself inheriting command of a Gazelle class close escort when her commanding officer, Sir Richardi Holland, left her in charge of his ship while he went down to the surface of Regina to pick up a body.

Somewhere along the way, he disobeyed direct orders in order to let himself and three others be sucked up into the belly of a ginormo mysterious “alien” vessel… which shot up Regina’s orbital space, and surface-to-orbit defenses, then promptly disappeared. Commander Holland is still listed as missing. But Sir Captain Orkin’s quick certification of her promotion to CO of the ship, left little doubt to the expected chances of his return.

She choose to claim the title Lieutenant-Commander (a first in Rogues history) instead of the traditional rank of Commander for the CO of the Gazelle, as an admission that she does not yet feel she fills the shoes of her outgoing CO (Sir Richardi).

When her Gazelle was transferred to other service, Lt-Cmdr Simons-Mahore was reassigned as the Chief Astrogator for the CNS Odin, the flagship of the Rogue Expeditionary Force One.

When the Rogues left Glisten in mid 1112 to “eliminate” the Count of Aki, Lt-Cmdr Simons-Mahore was left in charge as the temporary Commanding officer (Captain) of the CNS Odin (undergoing repairs at Blisten Yards) and for Rogue Operations in the Glisten System.

Lieutenant-Commander Liisa Simons-Mahore, MCUF

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