Isis Arepo Ilethian

Self-Declared Grand-Princess of the Third Imperium of Man


Lady Isis Arepo Ilethian is the daughter of Archduke Dulinor Astrin Ilethian of Ilelish and the niece of Sector Admiral Hutara Astrin Ilethian.

As a child, she was a playmate of Grand Princess Ciencia Iphegenia Alkhalikoi, Emperor Stephron’s heir.

After her father assassinated Emperor Strephon late in 1113 and declared himself (very briefly) Emperor of the Third Imperium of Man, Lady Isis declared herself Grand Princess and his legitimate heir. She has declared Lucan’s claim to the Iridium Throne illegitimate and accuses him of killing his cousin, her childhood friend The Grand Princess Ciencia (rather than her Father, as Lucan claims).

She also denies the legitimacy of the “Real” Strephon, insisting (like Lucan) that he is either an impostor or a clone duplicate of the late Emperor.

She continues to hold herself out as the legitimate heir to the throne of the Imperium, though she has yet to officially declare herself Empress.

Isis Arepo Ilethian

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