"The Aslan Prince," Ihatei of the Ahroay'if.


Second Son of a powerful noble of the Ahroay’if Clan of the Trans-Heirate Aslan.


His brother was in line to inherit the extensive lands of their glorious ancestors. Helathwah was given an Ihateisho scout ship and sent out to find his fortune.
For a decade and a half (Imperial years) Helathwah and his wives scoured the backwater worlds of the Trojan Reaches Sector for a likely landhold worthy of his family’s honor. Surviving in and out of various wars and border skirmishes, Helathwah served as a scout and explorer for the Ahroay’if Clan.
Opportunity led him to the struggling Ahroay’if colonies on Debarre, in the Spinward Marches. There, a landgrab by a popular nobleman cost him his Trading ship, in compensation the new Clan Chief offered the Ihatei a spacious house and gardens within his own compound.
This small landhold is far from sufficient for one from such a noble clan, however, and Helathwah sees it as either a stepping stone, the first stone in a larger field… or as a quiet home to die in if he fails. He recruited a cousin who had also come to Debarre, and a dis-honored warrior from a local clan to serve as his brothers of the claw. The three warriors and their wives and concubines now compose the Ihatei’s family of the claw.
Finding Debarre a disappointing and largely dishonorable place, Helathwah pledged the services of himself and his family to an Imperial Knight / Privateer by the name of Sir Orkin Sideways McClain, who has promised him a ship for his family of the claw.

After the Chaotic events of Holiday 1112 in Glisten, Helathwah and his crew were loaned a 300 ton fast courier called the SS Defiant to perform an urgent secret mission to Mire and then return to Glisten.

They are long overdue for return, and it is assumed that the mission has gone poorly.


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